Dark and Darker Wizard Build & Guide

Dark and Darker is an exciting adventure game that allows players to explore through the dungeons defeating the monsters and uncovering mythical treasures. By playing it with your friends, you can complete the missions and kill the bosses around the map, eventually upgrading your character.

This game comes with a total of 6 different classes, namely Wizard, Cleric, Barbarian, Rogue, Ranger, and Fighter, out of which you can choose one. But, out of all these, Wizard is our best pick because of its strong ranged spellcaster class and passive options. In this compressive guide, we will walk you through Wizard’s stats and suggest a wizard build.

Overview Of Wizard Class & Its Pros and Cons

Wizard is a Magic based class that can be played alone or in the form of a group. Gaining access to Wizard will allow gamer access to multiple powerful spells. With the use of ranged magic, Wizard can ultimately buff up the group or attack other enemies. If, during the mission you run out of spells, this class will automatically regenerate spells.

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This class is also able to create magical barriers which protect them from damage. Wizard comes with cons as well, and one of them is their ability to take damage. It can quickly die from some hits from Barbarian, And if the bosses manage to close the way, Wizard will be left with limited options, which will ultimately make your teammates hate you.

dark and darker wizard
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Build Guide For Wizard

A skilled Wizard with the right build-up can give extremely high damage to the enemy. Here is a starter spell setup for Wizard.

Spell Setup

At level zero, A wizard only gets 12 knowledge spells, which means you can have spells which can add up to 12 points into the run. Our best picks are Magic Missile, Haste, Fireball, and Slow.

Armour Weapons To Use With Wizard

Some of the weapons a Wizard can equip include forks, crossbows, a Spell book, crystal balls, and crystal swords. Spellbooks help to increase the movement after casting the spell and also increase the speed to cast a spell. Crystal swords can only be used by a wizards and ultimately act as a spell catalyst allowing the wizard to cast Magic with it.

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Some Gameplay Tips For Wizard

  • When using the Wizard spell, you should be careful; otherwise, you can hit yourself or the team members.
  • When you are surrounded by enemies, use Haste which will take you out of the situation.
  • Pick Caste Speed which will ultimately make your spell casting faster and help you meditate quicker.

This is all for Dark and Darker Class Wizard guide for more similar guides do check our Dark and Darker guides section.

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