How To Fix Sims 4 game failed to save error code 0

We came to know that our users are facing a few problems in Sims 4 games that failed to save error code 0 for some failure in some features to save the game.

We know our user’s feelings and how they feel when after spending a lot of time in the Sims 4 game failed and when they want to save the game and fail. It helps to modify the deleted files. 

So we are here to disclose to you all the facts about what you are getting Sims 4 game failure issue and how to fix this. 

Do you want to know if you can fix the Sims 4 game that failed to save error code 0? 

If you want to fix the Sims 4 games that failed to save error code 0 then here is something for you. The 1st one is  

Delete all the caches and create a new save

  1. First, you have to close the game and the heads of documents or the electronic Arts or the Sims 4 or the cache. 
  1.  Then you have to clear or delete all the cache files that may have. 
  1. After this again restart the game and for the above thing, you will be able to create a new game-saving folder. 
  1. Now please close the sims 4. 
  1. Now save the game in the folder which you have created just now. And remember one thing it will help you just once at a time. 
Sims 4 game failed

The second one is  

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Choosing ‘SAVE AS’

After saving select the option ‘save as’ and have to rename that file. and don’t forget to select save as while you are playing just to have a few files for avoiding any problem that may arise. 

And this is for the old users who are playing this for a long period like for a month or a year or many more times, please have a backup file or folder just to avoid future losses. 

Another one is 

Restoring the backup files or folders

Never forget that our game has the facility to have more than one backup file ( up to 5). And if you want that your game saves by itself then just give tap on the load button on the main screen in front of you and please select the older one which you have saved.

Next, do click on the Recover Save to work smoothly. And please never forget to check the time and date function. Otherwise, you may face some problems in future. 

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“For a manual backup”: 

  1. Just go to the documents or to the Electronic Arts or to The Sims 4 or to saves 
  1. Then find the file which has the name “Slot_(Number).save”. 
  1. The just you can, easily move this elsewhere or may delete this if you are sure. 
  1. After this, rename the “Slot_(Number).save. ver(Number)” files with the “Slot_(Number).save” name which you just have removed. 
  1. After doing this, you may tell the game, that this is a backup file which should be in your main save file and that may what you will be able to get when you will load up the game. Again, you may make sure to check the ‘date and time of the chosen save’. 

Remove Mods: 

Sometimes, the mods which you have just applied to The Sims 4, can cause any kind of issues with the game and cause the Sims 4 game to fail. Then please remove the mods and load up the Sims 4 to save properly. 

Other Recommendations: 

There are Some more suggestions for you from the community which are included “turning vertical sync on, lowering the graphics, restarting Origin, updating the game, restarting your computer, and repairing the Sims 4 game failed”. 

Here is something for you that how to repair the Sims 4 game failure: 

  • First, launch ‘the Origin client’. 
  • Then Click on ‘My Game Library’. 
  • After this find ‘The Sims 4’. 
  • Then right-click on that option. 
  • Then click on Repair. 
  • Now the process of file verification will start. 
  • After it is done, then relaunch the game. 
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We have stated all of the knowledge that we have. And after trying all the above items which are stated, If none of the above items works out for the Sims 4 game failed, then please contact ‘EA support’ for assistance or make a relatable post on the ‘’ for additional help.  

After all the things which are stated above, we have a requester to you to please show us your feelings by giving your valuable feedback to improve our knowledge, to improve our skills, for the betterment of the process. To Fix the Sims 4 game failed to save error code 0: to provide you with the best thing which we can provide. 

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