Perfect Sugar Sculpture Lost Ark: Location Guide

Perfect Sugar Sculpture Lost Ark: Many issues arise for Lost Ark users while they are playing the game. You will have to search for the hidden locations in two Lost Ark dungeons, and the other two require that you be very lucky in processing ingredients that need to be purchased at stores.

This could cost you tens of thousands of silver coins. Anikka is one such continent, and in our Lost Ark Anikka Adventure Tome Guide, we’ll do our best to cover every aspect of how to finish the Anikka Adventure Tome and find the ideal sugar sculpture.

How To Discover the Perfect Sugar Sculpture?

A perfect sugar sculpture earns you a collector’s item in the adventurer’s tome. While sugar cubes are available, you can only earn a collectible in Anikka’s Adventurers Tome by creating a Perfect Sugar Sculpture.

Talk To The Merchant Kongbo

Merchant Kongbo Lost Ark
Talk To the Merchant Kongbo

You will eventually get a Perfect Sugar Sculpt, on Anikka’s Continent but if you fail, you get a Questionable Sugar Sculpt or Broken Sugar Sculpt. For that, you need to find the Merchant Kongbo and purchase sugar lumps from him.

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Purchase Sugar Lumps From the Merchant

Buy Sugar Lumps
Purchase Sugar Lumps From Merchant

The ingredients to make the recipe are found at the same place you got the second. The Changhun port is not far from where the ingredients for this cooking recipe can be found. Once you have a sealed special sauce, you can make this recipe via Kongbo, located in Changhun Harbor.

Take the Sealed Secret Recipe to cook it with Kongbo. Cook Kongbo is in the Changhun Inn, located on the western side of Port City Changhun, just south of the Goldfish House.

Port City Changhun, the ingredients for Cooks soup, “Soup of Transcendence,” are legendary secret recipes. Soup of Transcendence costs 1440 Silver to make, making it one of the easiest items to collect in the Lost Ark.

Manpos Mysterious Meat Dumplings can be made at the chef at Port City Changhun for 1,400 Silver. Once you have got the ingredients to a legendary secret recipe, go to Kongbo, a cook located in Changhun Lodge, to craft that Cooking Recipe.

How To Gain The Perfect Sugar Sculpture?

It can be found in the rear part of Changhun Inn, located in the southwest part of Port City Changhun. In order to create, go to Food Shop and speak with Cooking Ingredient Merchant Kongbo.

You will have to go to Merchant Kongbo, a cooking ingredients merchant, to get the secret ingredients needed to make this dumpling.

Sugar Lump in Lost Ark
Sugar Lump in Lost Ark

To begin the trek, purchase Sugar Lump at Kongbo in Port City Changhun for 30 silver.Speak with Kongbo the Cook to unlock his Shop, then head to the Ingredients tab to look for Sugar Cubes.

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Inside, you will find you can purchase one piece of sugar for 30 silver coins. Perfect sugar sculptures are obtained with low probability by the Sugar (30 silver) sold in shops indicated on map at Port city Changhun. 

When you right-click on a handful of the ones you’ve purchased in the inventory (you can do 30 at once), one of three options will appear: A shaky, flawed, or ideal sugar sculpture. You cannot use the sugar cubes at the same time, so you must make them one at a time.

Perfect Sugar Sculpture
Perfect Sugar Sculpture

Keep trying because there is a good chance you’ll get a perfect sugar sculpture, plus they are inexpensive. Even buying 100 won’t result in much Silver waste.

In the end, you’ll have a Perfect Sugar Sculpture, but if you make a mistake, you’ll have a Doubtful or Broken Sugar Sculpture. They are all usable, but only the Perfect Sugar Sculpture will reward you with a treasure from the Adventurer’s Tome.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Where is Kongbo Lost Ark?

The secret ingredient needed for this dumpling may be found at Cooking Ingredient Merchant Kongbo. His shop is located southwest of Port City Changhun, close to the Fishing Spot.

Does Anikka have an ark, Lost Ark?

Ten Vista perspectives may be found by Lost Ark players in the Anikka region, which has a tournament theme. Thankfully, most of them are visible. Players can uncover eleven Vista places in the tournament-themed region of Anikka in Lost Ark as part of the Adventurer’s Tome quest.

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How is Shushire unlocked in The Lost Ark?

You must use the Sturrmbrecher you were given as payment for completing the North Vern tale. It will break the ice blocking your path when you sail the ship to Shushire after getting it.

How do you unlock the awakening in Lost Ark?

You can access the first Awakening Skill questline once you’ve finished the North Vern main plot quests, which are those related to locating the Arks. The skills quests shown in light blue are what you should begin tackling next.

How is the lucky fortune biscuit in The Lost Ark obtained?

Go to the area of Port City Changhun that is southwest of the Clinic. Be sure to see Food Merchant Chunking while you’re there. She is seated in the far corner, near the dining room and kitchen. Go to the Ingredients menu to locate the Fortune Cookie Chest after speaking with her to open her store.

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