Soul Calibur 6 Tier List (2024)

Wanted to know some of the best and strongest characters in the Soul Calibur 6 Tier List. In this case, check our tier list that carries all the strongest and weakest characters of Soul Calibur 6.

Soulcalibur VI is the latest entry in the iconic franchise Soulcalibur. It is very much loved by fans everywhere with great care and attention to detail from the developers.

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

Inferno is the leading hero of group S. His movements and recovery skills are excellent. These are the players’ first selections. Ivy and Nightmare are the leading characters in group A. They aren’t as powerful as the S level but are still very practical in the game.

Astaroth and Azwel are the main heroes of group B. In some situations, they can perform well. Maxi and Raphael are the leading characters in group C. In Group D, Voldo and Zasalamel are some characters.

This list classifies each character’s granular advantages and breaks them down through different levels. Let’s get into that.


Soul Calibur 6 Characters

These are the great combatants to compete in the competition. They have great matches with the other characters, with little shortcomings that almost are a problem.

NightmareSoul Edge
InfernoSoul Edge
GrohAerondight Replica
GeraltSteel Sword & Silver Sword
Seong Mi-naScarlet Thunder


Soul Calibur 6  Tier List

These fighters are great against most matches sometimes even S-tiers. It might not be as “overpowered” as in S-tier, but it is close.

SophitiaSword & Shield


Soul Calibur 6

Great fighters, even in classified games, who can run through their opponents. Overall, strong choice.

2BContract and Treaty 
CassandraShield & Sword
CervantesAcheron and Nirvana    
XianghuaSapara Consistency is the name of Xianghua’s game.
VoldoManas & Ayus           


Soul Calibur 6  ranks

The better fighters are on average in combat with high tiers opponents. These characters are also best in the support and defence of the entire team during the battle. But you need to master their powers and skillset to take proper control over them.

YoshimitsuBlade & Sword
SetsukaUgetsu Kageuchi


Soul Calibur 6 Best Characters

These characters could profit you in the combat of the games, but it’s going to be a climb uphill from there. Your kit is not as optimized in this list as the better combatants.

GeraltSteel Sword & Silver Sword


Soul Calibur 6 weak characters

These are some of the worthy fighters in the entire game there winning perfect age was very low. Because of their lower fighting skills along with hard-to-control weapons.

HildeGae Dearg & Moralltach

These are some of the best characters in the Soul Calibur 6 game. We have explained each character’s abilities and powers in deep information below.

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soul calibur 6 ivy
Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

In the game Soul Calibur, 6 Ivy is the most prominent and popular person. From a distance, she can target the enemy. IvyBlade, a unique, lethal sword, is the name of their primary weapon.

With the help of her Ivy Blade, Ivy can partly tear up opponents. She’s the most harmful and advanced person in the game. Her main motive is against the edge of the soul.

In a very dominant pack, there were tonnes of damage, insane zoning potential, good speed and power control. If you’re more a machine than a man, perhaps the best character in the game. Specifically designed to destroy characters who have to close first in order to dispel damage.


soul calibur 6 nightmare

In the ratio between speed, damage and reach, he is all in his own category. Nightmare has almost indefinitely been maintained.

Terror-charged state, an overabundance of movements that cause obscene damage, and our favourite edgelord has some unique defensive manoeuvres that do not have to be costly but honest. On the luminous side, well-timed lows can counter the noob-killer auto-GI/venge attack.

Nightmare also has two Just Frame instantaneous input capabilities (iAGA, iABA), excellent for distance building and punishing block attacks they are hard to perform but are both the best capabilities in the game with practice.



The Nightmare is very similar, except that the range is slightly shorter but with similar damage and even better mixing potential.

His attacks blend seamlessly with others, allowing Siegfried to blow through half the health bar of his opponent before he knows it.

Many of his steps are strengthened and lethal hit the more damage he gets or he moves a certain number of times when he does certain.

He can also make free use of the revenge explosion at Nightmare. Just like Nightmare, you will be wondering how you have ever played without it. It has an instantly effective Just Frame ability for creating distance and punishing block attacks after a while.



Mix-ups and options are absolutely disgusting. Cryclical borders, the powerful transformation of the Soul Charge, tonnes of moves from any variable speed area and all wrapped in a solid defensive package are easily confirmed. Not as good as Ivy or Seong Mina, but as opposed to them, Atzel is just as close to a monster.

There is also a nasty low attack in the middle-range reset of a control grab. If you take the time to learn it, it will eventually become predictable because it cannot cancel the selected position once it has been triggered.

Sadly, he has an incredibly diverse list of movements and many of his attacks are block safe, so you’ll be (ideally) required to GI them on reaction or Reversal Edge on prediction. Be careful not to do the latter because Azwel also has numerous *snicker* attacks.



Foolish mixing capacity, solid damage output and sustaining metres. His kit is a tool, even natural guard break attack combos. It is a natural guard.

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There are many moves with amazing rapidity and damage. Many of his steps are useful only in situations, but when used properly they can quickly turn a losing fight or cheese a draw.

Yoshimitsu has a number of positions that limit the options of the opponent when opening new options. He is a highly skilled person with nearly unlimited potential. A Swiss feudal army knife; Yoshimitsu has a response to almost every situation.



Sophitia has some of the best frame benefits when she moves and she has a solid mixing power, particularly with her kicks, while a character is confined to a short reach.

She has the advantage of having a predictable/punished reverse edge or the risk of failing to have a watchful impact to escape her wrath.

In addition, her mixing game is huge and her output is solid damage. A large all-around figure standing above most of the other members of the cast.

Sophitia is a very aggressive person, who stands out in close-range attacks. She has moved quickly as she lunges to impose her enemies on her lethal attacks.

The fiance of Sophitia made her a special sword and shield. She uses them to attack opponents on a continuous basis while repelling them.

Sophitia is capable of pushing her enemies into the air and then throwing her sword up, causing a lot of damage. This is a devastating attack that very quickly reduces health points. For its fiery close-ranging attacks Sophitia is known.



Excellent (if not the best) counter-attack character with many options. Is one of the longest reaches of the Critical Edges in the game and can easily be confirmed by throwing it into several single combos, which are easy to land at the start of the round even after winning Reversal Edge (if you don’t block or step side).

Reversal Edge is one of the few characters to cancel Reversal Edge into a GI at any time, even if its opponent’s strikes are phenomenal.

Moreover, he has interesting positions that open up a range of possibilities and, in addition, his kit boasts many Just Frame attacks, which further widen the gap between Raphael and Raphael players.

He can be also Critical Edge and Reversal Edge from the preparation position, and he can remain in the preparation position forever, meaning he has the ability to punish everything if you ever drop your guard.

It is his reliance on movements with a vertical trajectory that is readily side-stepped if predicted when he has one weakness. But Raphael’s movement set is sufficiently varied to make his next attack predictive difficult.

Seong Mina

Seong Mina

Perhaps after Ivy, and in some ways, it’s the best zoner character in the game. She has an incredible move that can torment every character in range but can rely on vertical trajectory attacks that may be punished when whiffed, similar to other striking characters.

Having said this, her horizontal attacks are not a joke, and a sweep horizontal attack is one of the best steps in her kit, and Lethal Hits tries to side-step her attacks as long as they are on hand.

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She has certain command grab combos that reset the range if the opponent comes too close and she even has special shattering attacks.

So even when you’re in her face where she doesn’t want you to be, you have to be careful. In the end, it has an advantage over any character with a considerably shorter reach.

Because of their excellent range of attacks, Seong is ranked above other characters. With her long strikes, she dominates the game and is far away from the enemies. She gets a little breathing space from her hits.

Seong’s main weapon is Zanbatou, which helps him to damage opponents massively. Because of its various attacks, she’s a very useful character. You can pick her up in any team combination because she has all the skills to win the hardest fight.



Has great conditions of Lethal Hit and then the combo potential is immense. Much damage. The transformation of his soul truly shines teleporting is great and the transformations of its transformation provide more opportunities for mix-ups and 50s. The base shape is good, but there are many movements that can be predictable.

Easy to turn around Edge the usual low-attack spinning with the choreographed wind-up animation. The intelligent use of that ability is great when it lands, so that average Grøh players can be separated from the masters.


soul calibur 6

Maxi is fitted with many quick natural guards and a host of other things that make him awesome. He is probably Reversal Edge’s best character in the game.

His very mobile kit has many damage and good reach. Long combo chains that fuse seamlessly into others at times.

The top step is penalized with disappointment and good horizontal side-step tracking. If he is weak, his combo chains are long and predictable/ vulnerable to time-consuming GI.

However, his position can be cancelled into a personal GI, and he can turn his opponent’s forecasts against them when they are played optimally.


Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

He Has the best, the most reliable penalty in the game. It is a bad idea for a competent Xianghua to use a free-standing Reversal Edge at all.

Has the ability to play crybabies on the floor which makes it difficult for many characters to punish her while she is on the floor.

She is able from the ground to perform a critical edge instantly, which ignores the typical standup animation by cancelling Critical Edge with a crybaby. A strong character with no special weaknesses all around.



The Geralt can cast his signing ability to pay for piping or two metres, which is extremely powerful in the case of Igni, one of his most mundane attacks. Award is his fastest attack, and he is fighting for one of the fastest block attacks punishment in the game.

The icing on the cake must be that the signs of Soul Charged don’t cost a metre, that way he can spam all of them free of charge. He’s also got a lot of cool gimmicks about Lethal Hits.



When played with the best of strength, she can escape, weave, dip and flip past almost every attack but has difficulty with much cast, as each character has a longer reach than she.

It is extremely powerful if you can overcome this superficial weakness and can trap most characters. She is quick and difficult to punish and tends to face anybody she supports or anyone trying to run away once she finally gets up close.