Azur Lane Tier list Class A to S (February 2023)

The Azur lane is the most popular among mobile players. There is a lot more than the players can come from with various ship girls available to select from.

Now you can know the ship’s according to their rank, Here we have listed all the obtainable ships into tiers. The complete list goes from Class A to Class S and you have many choices.

Well, to get started with Class D ships we say they are not strong enough to get through a long haul. Fortunately, the grade S ships are high-end ships that you can select for firepower, defence, attack and evasion.

If you have selected then you should go for Class S ship which is best along the complete Azur lane tier. However, you must get an experience of another tier to get some fun.

Azur Lane Tier List

Here is the list of all the Azur lane ships according to their ranking and grades.

Azur Lane ships

Class A Tier

The A-Tier does not have top-level ships when it’s compared to Class S tier ships. But you will get a firework, defence, and speed. Your team get ahead with other players with these ship for sure.

  • Portland Retrofit- Heavy Cruiser
  • Blücher- Admiral Hipper
  • Anniversary Kizuna AI – Ships of KizunaAI
  • Laffey Retrofit- Destroyer
  • Z23 Retrofit- Destroyer
  • Bismarck- Battleships
  • Vestal- Repair Ship
  • Jintsuu Retrofit- Light Cruiser
  • Graf Zeppelin – Iron Blood
  • Washington- Battleship
  • Friedrich der Grobe – Battleship
  • U-101- Submarine
  • I-168- Submarine
  • Abercrombie – Elite Ships
  • Azuma – Decisive ships
  • Admiral Graf Spee – Heavy Cruiser
  • Amazon- Destroyer
  • Amagi- Battle Cruiser
  • Champagne – Battleship
  • Centaur – Light Aircraft Carrier
  • King George V- Battleship
  • Saint Louis- Heavy Cruiser
  • Cavalla – Submarine
  • Montpelier- Light Cruiser
  • Neptune- Light Cruiser
  • Georgia – Battleship
  • Eldridge- Destroyer
  • Illustrious- Aircraft Carrier
  • Gloucester – Light Cruiser
  • Swiftsure- Light Cruiser

Class B Tier :

Heavy Cruiser ship

These tier ships are more like to be better addition for your crew members compared to other tiers. They all run out of manpower, firepower and much more but you can handle it.

  • Abukuma – Light Cruiser
  • Hyuuga Retrofit- Aviation Battleship
  • California – Battleship
  • Hood – Battle Cruiser
  • Jean Bart – Battleship
  • Galatea – Light Cruiser
  • Shouhou- Light Aircraft Carrier
  • Gascogne – Battleship
  • Tirpitz – Battleship
  • Chang Chun – Destroyer
  • Mogami Retrofit – Heavy Cruiser
  • Ark Royal- Aircraft Carrier
  • Chao Ho – Light Cruiser
  • Kizuna AI- Destroyer
  • Cleveland- Light Cruiser
  • Grenville – Destroyer
  • Columbia- Light Cruiser
  • Agano – Light Cruiser
  • Halsey Powell – Destroyer
  • Glowworm – Destroyer
  • Algérie – Heavy Cruiser
  • Dido – Light Cruiser
  • Queen Elizabeth- Battleship
  • Émile Bertin – Light Cruiser
  • U-81- Submarine

Class C Tier

azur lane ships

C-tier ships are all about getting a second chance. Most of the ship needed a replacement a mid-way. As you also noticed the name “Retrofit” in most of the ships. These types of ships are used as retrofitted ships to get a boost in rarity. Here are some of the best Azur lane ships from the collection.

  • Duke of York – Battleship
  • Newcastle Retrofit- Light Cruiser
  • Dunkerque – Battlecruiser
  • Kagerou Retrofit- Destroyer
  • Atlanta – Light Cruiser
  • Curlew Retrofit- Light Cruiser
  • Hiryuu Retrofit- Aircraft Carrier
  • Hiyou – Aircraft Carrier
  • Souryuu Retrofit- Aircraft Carrier
  • London- Heavy Cruiser
  • Edinburgh – Light Cruiser
  • Wichita- Heavy Cruiser
  • Arizona- Battleship
  • Béarn – Aircraft Carrier
  • Zuikaku- Aircraft Carrier
  • Shoukaku- Aircraft Carrier
  • Fletcher – Destroyer
  • Black Prince – Light Cruiser

Class S Tier

ships of Azur lane

The Class S tier is best for the best ships you can add them to your crew to get more power. All these ships in the S tier have firepower, defence and much more to get you win in the midway battle.

  • Asashio – Destroyer
  • Unicorn – Aircraft Carrier
  • Hunter – Destroyer
  • Deutschland – Heavy Cruiser
  • Helena- Light Cruiser
  • Ariake – Destroyer
  • I-13 – Submarine Carrier
  • Essex- Aircraft Carrier
  • Baltimore – Heavy Cruiser
  • Forbin – Destroyer
  • Enterprise- Aircraft Carrier
  • Ibuki – Heavy Cruiser
  • Foxhound – Destroyer
  • Monarch- Battleship
  • Izumo – Battleship
  • Matchless -Destroyer
  • San Diego Retrofit- Light Cruiser
  • Laffey – Destroyer
  • Sendai -Light Cruiser
  • Mainz – Light Cruiser
  • Odin – Battlecruiser
  • Warspite Retrofit- Battleship

We recommend you to pick players from S tier to avoid the get strongest characters in your team. For more similar content do read our Tier List guides.