Dark and Darker Playtest 2024 Guide

Playtesting for Dark and Darker Alpha started on April 14, 2023. Playtesting for Dark & Darker in April 2023 lasted till April 19, 2023. Ironmace has stated that this playtest will not be prolonged, unlike prior playtests when the devs extended the playtest session for a few more days after the scheduled end time.

The playtest officially ended at the following time:

  • USW/PDT: 8:00pm, April 19
  • USE/EDT: 11:00pm, April 19
  • UK/BST: 4:00am, April 20
  • EU/CEST: 5:00am, April 20
dark and darker heart candy
dark and darker playtest 5

Dark and Darker Playtest 5 Changes

Here are the few key changes in Dark and Darker Playtest 5.

  • New Bard class.
  • New ‘The Ruins of Forgotten Castle’ Dungeon. This was initially released as Floor 0 of the standard map where players would spawn upon entering, but has since been changed to a single layer dungeon for the purposes of playtesting.
  • New Rest system.
  • New perks, skills, monsters, weapons, and items.
  • Re-balanced classes.
  • Improved graphics.
  • Bows no longer have unlimited arrows; they are a finite resource.
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How to Play Dark and Darker Playtest April 2023

Dark and Darker is not presently available on Steam due to ongoing legal issues. Ironmace decided to use peer-to-peer file sharing to disseminate the playtest files as a result. You’ll need to utilize third-party software capable of downloading Torrent files in order to acquire the most recent client and take part in the April playtest.

The April Dark and Darker playtest client’s Magnet URL was made public by the devs in the announcements channel of their official Discord server. You may copy and paste this address into your torrent client; just look for the “open Torrent link” menu option.

Unfortunately, Korea will not be able to participate in the April Dark and Darker playtest. Additionally, the game does not support localizations owing to timing restrictions.

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Dark and Darker Playtest Maps

The game has different maps to play from which are The Goblin Caves, The Ruins of Forgotten Castle, The Howling Crypts: Normal, The Howling Crypts: High Roller.

That’s all you need to know about Dark and Darker Playtest April 2023 as I’ll see you in the next guide.