Squishy Camera Settings – (May 2022)

SquishyMuffinz is an one of the popular champion of Rocket League who started his Rocket League carrier in 2015 with an beta version of Rocket League with an some of the player Iris, with Lachinio and Torment he formed an team in November 2016 that does work well and later on he formed another team known as the “The Muffin Men” with Torment and Gimmick. This is later ended in the DreamHack Atlanta event on Rocket League.

The Squishy becomes and excellent Rocket League player because of his outstanding gaming skills and consistency. Due to his incapacity to access the Internet at the time, he had to make do with solely Free Play in his early gaming days.

Who is SquishyMuffinz?

Squishy Camera Settings

The Mariano Arruda knowns the SquishyMuffinz born in November 29, 2000. He is an  Canadian Rocket League Rocket League professional Rocket League Player for (North American RLCS X champions) NRG along with that he also an YouTuber. On his YouTube channel he share his gaming skills and expertise with the viewers. He started his gaming carrier in 2015 and since then he has own lots of championships on Rocket League.

Squishy Camera Settings (November)

If you want to become an pro player in Rocket League and searching for some of the best Rocket League camera settings that SquishyMuffinz used for his gameplay. Then you’ve visited on the correct web page. Here we are going to share with you Squishy Camera Settings that he use for Rocket League.

Here some of the Squishy Camera Settings that he use for the gaming such as Camera Shake, Height, Angle View and much more.

  • Camera shake: No
  • FOV: 110
  • Height: 90/100
  • Angle: -5.0
  • Distance: 250/270
  • Stiffness: 45
  • Swivel speed: 8.00
  • Transition speed: 1.00
  • Ball camera: Toggle

You needed to remember this, the SquishyMuffinz is also same as you and improved his gaming skills to become an professional player in Rocket League. Moreover, Squishy change his camera settings from time to time and thus some of the Rocket League camera settings not fixed. In case if you think these settings has been outdated and needed to change. In this case feel free to contact us through the comment box.

Pro Player Opinion on Squishy Camera Settings

There are lots of champions on the Rocket League such as Musty, who owns 6 times Rocket League Championship. Here some of the opinion shared by the pro player on the SquishyMuffinz camera settings.

Camera Stiffness – The Camera Stiffness mean how much loose your camera is to follow your vehicle. Mainly at the lowest level the camera will zoom very fast at the full speed. The higher your stiffness, the easier it will be to track the movement of your car. The average camera stiffness used by experts is 0.43. However, anything between 0.40 and 0.50 is acceptable.

Camera Height – With the help of this settings you can easily determine the height of your camera similar to the ball. All the player setup it according to their preferences moreover the pro player setup it between 100 to 130 in which the average range will be 110. When its comes to the Squishy he setup the camera height to 100.

Swivel Speed: The Swivel Speed depends the moving sensitive of your camera which means who faster your camera will swivel with the car. Some player prefer to set to lowest level get better control over the camera. Other who prefer to move the camera as soon as possible to prefer to quick bend. According to the pro players an average rage of camera swivel speed will be 5.3. However Squishy setup it to 8.

Camera Angle – This settings determine the camera view of your vehicle. Most of the player prefer to highest level as they can easily able to see as much as can. According to the pro players and average level of the camera angle will be -3 as the best. However prefer to setup up to -5 instead.

Ball Cam Toggle – These settings determine if you want to use the ball cam automatically or enable the cam by holding down a button. For most individuals, the latter choice is too inconvenient, so they choose “Toggle.” On this, Squishy goes with the crown.

More About Squishy YouTube Channel, Net Worth, Earnings?

SquishyMuffinz also run an YouTube with over 1.3 million subscribers and 207 million views alone.  On the other hand  Twitch stream has more then 870,000 followers. According to the sources, he earns more than $500K from YouTube and $350K from Twitch. Squishy has win more than $380K from competitive tournaments. The net worth of Squishy is around $800 thousand.

Hopefully you find this short guide helpful to know what are the Rocket League camera settings does SquishyMuffinz used. However its not totally depends on the camera settings you needed to grow your gaming skills along with mechanical game skills and abilities to improve your gaming. Here, are the best camera settings of Rocket League suggested by our gaming experts that help you to improve you gaming a little bit and give an glance about what camera will be perfect for you.

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