Stardew Valley Explosion in the Night? Explained

This guide explained what is Stardew Valley Explosion in the Night with complete information. Stardew valley has come with various surprises for the players.

The surprises for Stardew Valley are one kind of form of personal moments and some random events on farms. The surprises from Stardew Valley have a range, which is from crop fairy.

Stardew Valley is full of witches and wild animals. The witches are born on farms and the wild animals are there to attack. However, among all of these, the most important event is in this game when “An explosion was heard in the night”.

The players will be able to get this event very easily in this game. However, as this event is related to night, the players have to spend more time and effort to get to this event for the “Cool overnight phenomenon”.

What are the conditions there in the explosion the night in the game?

To get the surprises from stardew valley and to get the event the players must have to know about the term used as an explosion in the night.

So to tell the players about the explosion on the night this article was made. There the players will be able to get all the needed information relating to the stardew valley explosion in the night.

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The term “explosion was heard in the night” refers to the meaning of meteorite. The meteorite is the thing, which approaches the player’s farm.

In addition, this meteorite will be able to land within the next day. There the players need to know that the meteorite was looking for a space of 3×3 to crash land. However, not only the space of 3×3, the meteorite will also look for a space for 2×2.

Stardew Valley Explosion in the Night
Stardew Valley Explosion in the Night

What are the Conditions?

This only happens if the land has no water, no stationed objects or any kind of things, which may be able to block the buildings, the roadways, the resource clumps or any kind of animal farms, which are within the vicinity.

If these conditions are not fulfilled by, the players then they will not be able to get this event so easily in this game.

What could happen if the explosion in the night event occurs?

If the players are able to find this event in the game then they will be the luckiest ones among all the players. Those players will get a great chance and will be able to become the best farmer in this game. All these things depend on the meteorite.

So, where the meteorite will fall down the land, depends upon the most. There in the game, the players have only around a 1% of chance falling the meteorite in the right place. If somehow the meteorite falls in the right location then the players will be helpful for this or they might have some disadvantages for this.

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The meteorite may land anywhere on the land where the players were farming. Therefore, if it falls in the wrong place then all the crops will be damaged and the players have to face various losses for this. This whole thing depends upon the type of crops, they are farming.

Things the players may get from mining

The players need to have some great items for mining like a gold pickaxe. If the players have this gold pickaxe for mining then the players will be able to get six stones, two geodes, six Iridium ore and many more items by mining. This will be a great chance for the players to have all these items with the help of a gold pickaxe.

Explosion in the Night Meteorite location
Explosion in the Night

How do the players will be able to find the meteorite

From the above point, the players may get aware of the meteorite. That the meteorite can fall on every place on the land where the players will farm.

Therefore, if the meteorite falls in the crops grown by the players they have to bear various losses. Therefore, the fall of a meteorite has to be in the right place. That is why the players need to be very careful about falling meteorite.

If there are any players who may have quarried about the falling meteorite then they may check this point. The players will be able to find all the needy data from this point about the falling meteorite.

To know the place where the meteorite is going to fall the players have to find a purple rock. This purple rock has to be surrounded by various pink and purple crystals. All these pink and purple crystals will be poking out from this purple rock’s surface. Therefore, the players will be able to find this purple rock very easily.

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At any time, the meteorite may fall so the players need to have passion and have to be careful regarding this.

This purple rock is very big in size so there is no chance to move. The players have nothing to worry about the despawning of this. During this time, the layers may also start replanting their crops without wasting their time.

Therefore, that is all about the event of the stardew valley explosion in the night. There the main role of the meteorite matters the most.

So the players will be able to find all the needy information relating to the stardew valley explosion in the night as well as for the meteorite also. The players will get all the data on where the meteorite may fall on the land where the players are farming and the advantages or disadvantages as well.

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