How You Can Get Prismatic Slime In Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley consists of a lot of quests and players need to complete them in order to level up. Well, most of the time completing the quests in Stardew Valley can be confusing such as the Prismatic Jelly quest.

Players need to obtain the rainbow jelly and to grab it first you need to obtain the prismatic Slime in the game. And does it make it more confusing for some players?

Here this short guide covered some of the ways that help you to know how you can get the Red coloured Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley

prismatic slime stardew

How To Get Prismatic Slime In Stardew Valley?

Well to obtain the Prismatic Slime player first need to get the Prismatic Jelly Special Order from the Wizard. Once the player obtains the Prismatic Jelly Special Order all you need is Prismatic Jelly. Fortunately, Prismatic Slime will drop the Prismatic Jelly once you kill it.

The perfect place to farm Prismatic Slime is using the Mines from Floor 5 because it is the continuous source to get Slimes. The player can easily respawn the room to get more slimes and the easiest way to do that is simply entering and leaving Floor 5 again and again.

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prismatic slime stardew valley
prismatic slime stardew

Maybe this can take around some days to complete. But the Slimes spawn rate can be different floors in Mine. So to make Prismatic Slimes consistent try the different floors and surely you will encounter the slimes that deliver Prismatic Jelly for sure.

After completing, the Quest by delivering the Prismatic Jelly to the Wizard will reward the player with 5,000 GP and Monster Musk.

This is sum up for this Prismatic Jelly guide for more similar articles do read our Stardew Valley Guides for more helpful information.

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