Jodi Stardew Valley: Gifts, Heart Events Guide (2024)

Our Jodi Stardew Valley Guide helps you to know more about the Jodi gifts, heart events and more useful information that players can use within the game.

Jodi is a housekeeping mom of  Sam and Vincent in Stardew Valley. The player needs to build a strong relationship with Jodi similar to other characters such as Gus Gifts in the game for levelling up.

Similar to any other character in Pelican Town. You can give Jodi gifts, talk with her and complete the tasks to build a strong friendship bond.

Without wasting your time, Let get started.

jodi stardew valley

Best and Worst Gifts For Jodi

Here we have mentioned all the best and worst gifts that can increase or decrease your friendship points with Jodi in Stardew Valley.

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Best Gifts For Jodi

These are the best gifts that can help you to increase the friendship points in-game. When you give Loved Gifts to Jodi she will respond “Oh, you’re such a sweetheart! I really love this!” will increase the player friendship points up to 80.

Loved Gifts

GiftsGifts Names
Loved GiftsUniversal Loves Gifts (Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Magic Rock Candy, Pearl, Rabbit’s Foot)
Loved GiftsChocolate Cake
Loved GiftsCrispy Bass
Loved GiftsDiamond
Loved GiftsEggplant Parmesan
Loved GiftsFried Eel
Loved GiftsPancakes
Loved GiftsRhubarb Pie
Loved GiftsVegetable Medley

Liked Gifts

These are the liked gifts that you can give Jodi and her response “Thank you! This makes my day really special.” will increase the player friendship points up to 45.

Gifts Gifts Names
Liked GiftsAll Universal Likes Gifts are as follows.
All Artisan Goods
 excluding Oil and Void Mayonnaise
All Cooking excluding Fried Egg, Bread, Strange Bun and Seafoam Pudding 
All Flowers excluding Poppy
All Foraged Minerals excluding Quartz,
All Fruit Tree Fruits excluding Banana & Mango
All Gems excluding Prismatic Shard 
All Vegetables excluding Hops, Tea Leaves, Wheat and Unmilled Rice 
Life Elixir
Maple Syrup
Liked GiftsAll Eggs excluding  Void Egg
Liked GiftsAll Fruit excluding Spice Berry
Liked GiftsAll Milk

Neutral Gifts

These are the neutral gifts that players can give Jodi and her response That’s so nice of you! Thanks.” will increase the friendship points up to 20.

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Gifts Gifts Name
Neutral GiftsAll Universal Neutral Gifts are as follows.
Duck Feather
Fried Egg
Nautilus Shell
Rainbow Shell
Squid Ink
Sweet Gem Berry
Tea Leaves

Worst Gifts For Jodi

These are the worst gifts the player can give Jodi to reduce player friendship points with Jodi in Stardew Valley.

Disliked Gifts

When you give Jodi a disliked gift her response is “Hmm, well I guess I could always put this in the compost…” this will reduce the friendship points of the player up to 20 points.

GiftsGifts Name
Disliked GiftsAll Universal Dislikes Gifts are as follows.
All Building Materials (Battery Packs, Clay, Fiber, Hardwood, Stone, and Wood)
All Artifacts
All Bombs
All Crafted Floors & Paths
All Fences
All Fertilizer
All Fish

All Geode Minerals
All Geodes
All Seeds

All Sprinklers
All Tackle
Disliked GiftsChanterelle
Disliked GiftsCommon Mushroom
Disliked GiftsGarlic
Disliked GiftsGinger
Disliked GiftsHazelnut
Disliked GiftsHolly
Disliked GiftsLeek
Disliked GiftsMagma Cap
Disliked GiftsMorel
Disliked GiftsPurple Mushroom
Disliked GiftsQuartz
Disliked GiftsSnow Yam
Disliked GiftsWild Horseradish
Disliked GiftsWinter Root

Hated Gifts

When you give Jodi a Hated gift her response isBlech… I hate this…” this will reduce the friendship points of the player up to 40 points.

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GiftsGifts Name
Hated GiftsAll Universal Hates (All Bait, All Fossils, All Monster Loot & All Trash )
Hated GiftsDaffodil
Hated GiftsDandelion
Hated GiftsSpice Berry

Jodi Heart Events Guide

These are all the heart events of Jodi that you should know.

Heart EventsEvent
Zero HeartsWhen the player reaches Zero Hearts level Jodi will start sending your gifts in the mail
Two HeartsOnce a player reaches to 2 hearts with Jodi, the player can enter her room and find a letter from Jodi’s husband Kent in the drawer.
Three HeartsOnce a player reaches to 3 hearts with Jodi, she will send mail you a letter with the Fried Calamari recipe.
Four HeartsJodi waits for you outside the farmhouse between 6 am to 9:30 am. Jodi will request you come with largemouth bass to her house for dinner.
Seven HeartsOnce player reaches to 7 hearts with Jodi, she will mail you letter with Ice Cream recipe

Jodi Stardew Valley Quests

These are all the Jodi Quests that you should know.

Quest DescriptionRewards
Fish Casserole Once you reach 4 hearts with Jodi she will request you to bring the Largemouth Bass for dinner at her houseNo Rewards
Jodi’s RequestOn  Spring 19th Jodi will send you a letter by mail and request to bring the Cauliflower.350 Gold & 1 Friendship heart
“Help Wanted” board Outside Pierre’s General store Jodi randomly request items from Pierre General Store
3x Item’s Base Value & 150 friendship Points

This is sum up of Jodi’s Stardew Valley Guide for more similar content do read our Stardew Valley Guides for more helpful information similar to this article.

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