How To Catch Sturgeon in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley is one of the best RPG simulation games with multiple tasks for the character. Such as farming lot things and helping others and fishing. There are lots of different fishes are available in Stardew Valley.

However, the hardest fish to catch is Sturgeon in Stardew Valley. Because for the player to catch this fish need to be at a certain location with perfect timing in the game. Because it is one of the most valuable fish in the game.

Here in this guide, we shared all the information related to how you can catch it with other useful information.

How to Catch the Sturgeon Fish in Stardew Valley?

Sturgeon fish is one of the most valuable fish in the game and their lots of things you can do with it such as placing it into a Fish Pond to produce a Sturgeon Roe to produce Caviar and more.

sturgeon stardew valley
sturgeon stardew valley

To catch Sturgeon in Stardew Valley, you need to go to  Mountain Lake because it’s the only place in the game where you can catch Sturgeon. In the Summer and Winter seasons most players can catch Sturgeon to catch it you need to fish at between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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Founetly, the weather doesn’t matter that much in fishing including catching Sturgeon but the player can encounter more Sturgeon on Rainy days in the summer season.

Great fishing skills can increase the chances of catching the Sturgeon fish from off the shore. Moreover, in the recent update 1.5, the developers introduced a new item called Magic Bait. That allows players to catch fish in any season, weather or time without waiting for the perfect season and timing.

More importantly, players cannot able to catch Sturgeon using the Traning Rod. We recommend you use a fishing pole such as a fibreglass rod. Players also need to use the Trap Bobbers and Cork Bobbers these can reduce the ‘catching’ bar’s slower rate. The player can easily craft them or purchase them from Willy’s Fish Shop.

Well eating the Dish O’ The Sea meal before going fishing can also increase fishing skills temporarily this can be beneficial further to catching Sturgeon fish.

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With the above guide, you can surely able to catch the Sturgeon fish in Stardew Valley.

This is the sum of this how to catch Sturgeon on Stardew Valley guide for more similar content do read our Stardew Valley Guides for more helpful information such as how to catch catfish, how to find linus basket and more.

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