Stardew Valley: Where To Catch Carp Fish Guide

This most downloaded game by switch players has several different species, which fulfill several roles; some are wildlife that cannot be interacted with, some are pets that can be earned with friendship, and farm animals that can be purchased. There are also several fish species in the game.

Each different specie is found in a specific water body. For example, some are in ponds, some in oceans, and some in lakes. Each fish has a particular time and season when the players can catch them.

In this article, we will see when you can find every type of fish in the game Stardew Valley, where you find them, and in which season that fish is available for you to see. 

Where To Find Each Type of Fish in Stardew Valley?

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These are all the fishes that you can catch with your fishing rod from locations around the valley

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FishLocationSeasonTime of Day
AnchovyOceanAll seasonsAll day
AnglerOceanAll seasonsNight only
BlobfishOceanAll seasonsRainy days only
BreamRiverAll seasonsAll day
CarpRiver, Mountain Lake, Secret Woods PondAll seasonsAll day
CatfishForest River, Forest Pond, Secret Woods Pond, Witch’s SwampAll seasonsAll day
CharMountain LakeSummer, FallAll day
ClamBeachAll seasonsAll day
CrabOceanAll seasonsAll day
CrimsonfishOceanSummer, FallNight only
DaceRiverSpring, SummerAll day
EelRiverAll seasonsNight only
Emerald CarpGinger Island PondAll seasonsAll day
FrogSecret Woods PondAll seasonsAll day
GoldfishForest Pond, Ginger Island PondAll seasonsAll day
Green AlgaeOceanAll seasonsAll day
Lava EelMine Level 100All seasonsAll day
LegendMountain LakeSpring, FallRainy days only
LingcodOceanAll seasonsAll day
Mahi-MahiOceanSummer, FallAll day
Midnight CarpForest Pond, Ginger Island Pond, Ginger Island RiversWinterAll day
MudskipperBeachSpring, SummerAll day
OctopusOceanAll seasonsNight only
PerchRiverSpring, SummerAll day
PufferfishOceanAll seasonsAll day
Rainbow TroutMountain LakeSpring, SummerAll day
SalmonOceanSummer, FallAll day
SardineOceanAll seasonsAll day
SeaweedOceanAll seasonsAll day
SnapperOceanSummer, FallAll day
SturgeonMountain LakeAll seasonsAll day
SunfishOceanAll seasonsAll day
TilapiaPondAll seasonsAll day
TroutForest Pond, Mountain LakeSpring, SummerAll day
WalleyeRiverAll seasonsAll day
Weeping SalmonOceanWinterAll day

What is the Best Way To Catch Carp in Stardew Valley?

Carp are the easiest fish to see in the game Stardew Valley, and they can be detected with little effort, even if you’ve never fished before. You can find them in rivers and forest ponds during any season. They don’t need any particular condition to catch them. They simply just have to wait for them to bite the line you cast.

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Once the carp has bitten, you need to complete the fishing minigame. All you need to do is keep your green bar over the fish icon to reel in. Catching carp is easy and almost effortless compared to other fishes. They will barely move, making keeping you with the changes during the minigame easy. Your Carp is worth the cash and friendship points.

Where To Find Each Carp in Stardew Valley?

Carp is a type of fish that can be caught in the mountain lake or wilderness farm during spring, summer, or fall. Carp is always the most abundant in the secret woods, comprising 41% and 53% of all items caught there when it isn’t raining.

Type of CarpLocation Season Time Of Day
Carp River, Mountain Lake, Secret Woods Pond
All seasons
All day
Midnight CarpForest Pond, Ginger Island Pond, Ginger Island RiverswinterAll day
Emerald Carp
Ginger Island Pond
All seasonsAll day

This is all for how to find and catch carp in Stardew Valley for more similar user guides do check our Stardew Valley guides section.

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