Tropeognathus Ark | Taming, Locations, Food, Saddle

Tropeognathus is a flying creature similar to the Tapejara and both are carnivorous. However, the Tropeognathus has a larger wingspan that allows it to fly more powerfully compare to other flying creatures in the Ark Survival Evolved.

Here we covered information about the Tropeognathus such as how to tame it, what is the food for it, how to craft a saddle for it and more.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Tropeognathus Ark

Tropeognathus Spawn Locations

Players can encounter the Tropeognathus in the following areas in Crystal Isles and Fjordur on the Ark Survival Evolved map. Below shown map with the boxes highlighted is the locations where you can find the Tropeognathus.

Tropeognathus Spawn Locations
  • The White Shoals
  • Emberfall
  • The Great Valley

How To Tame Tropeognathus?

Once you encounter the Tropeognathus all you need to know is how you can tame it. Tropeognathus is a passively tamed creature with speed so firstly you need to trap it using the Chain Bola that you can use with the help of Ballista Turret and fire it at Tropeognathus.

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It’s a passively tamed creature once you trap it using the Chain Bola. You can feed it Kibble, Raw Mutton, or Raw Prime Fish Meat in order to tame it. However, the Tropeognathus is a passive-tamed creature which means it can also attack you if you attack him so make sure to lure them to a Ballista Turret.

One of the simplest ways to tame Tropeognathus is simply to lure it into the trap that you need to build using the Dinosaur Gateways in order to successfully set up the Ballista Turret. Following are the items you need to use Chain Bola and Ballista Turret.

65x Metal
10x Cement Paste
2x Obsidian
500x Wood
300x Metal
250x Stones
200x Fiber
100x Thatch
100x Hide

Tropeognathus Food

These are the following food that you can feed the Tropeognathus.

  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Raw Mutton
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Cooked Prime Meat

Tropeognathus Saddle

One of the amazing things about the Tropeognathus is you can rid it with or without a Saddle. But to use it you need to have Grenade Cannon and fire Thrusters. In order to craft Tropeognathus Saddle player must be level 65 and spend 21 engram points to access the recipe these are the items you need in order to craft it.

  • 600x Metal
  • 450x Fiber
  • 325x Hide
  • 250x Polymer
  • 120x Crystal
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Tropeognathus Breeding

When two male and female Tropeognathus come together for the meeting. The breeding time interval is about 18 to 48 hours. After the interval, the female Tropeognathus will deliver the fertilized egg that looks gray in color with blue color spots.

Tropeognathus Ark Egg

Once the player has the fertilized Tropeognathus egg then in order to hatch it you need to place its temperature from 29°C to 32°C. The time for egg hatching is about two and a half days.

This is all for the Tropeognathus guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all the information related to gaming. If you’re interested you can also read our Ark Survival Evolved Guides for more helpful content.

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