Subnautica Aurora Codes: 100 % Working (2022)

Subnautica Aurora Codes: You start your journey near the giant spacecraft called Aurora in Subnautica. You may think that it is inaccessible when you first notice the ship but you can get into the ship to retrieve the good things inside with the right tools and knowledge. This guide lists all the door codes for Aurora and the necessary tools to smash the ship.

Exploration can always conquer every game and is exactly the most remarkable thing in Subnautica. However, we will find an environment of great significance for the game in this amazing space world. That is why this list has been prepared so that no port is an obstruction to Subnautica Aurora codes.

Subnautica Aurora’s valid and working codes

You realise how important it is to the number of services that it offers you once you travel to this region. However, you’ll have to walk through a variety of doors to reach them that are blocked. Therefore, the Subnautica Aurora code is required.

Subnautica Aurora Codes
Subnautica Aurora Codes

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To get into the Aurora you have to be pretty far into the game. The exploding Aurora engines are an important event for the ship to open. One day when you’re outside of your capsule near the ship, you will find that you can’t miss the blast.

Tools You Required

You have to be very far into the game to get into the Aurora. A significant event to open the ship is the exploding Aurora engines. You will notice one day that you can’t miss the blast outside your capsule near the ship.

You’ll want to equip a Radiation Suit once you’ve found it. You won’t be able to explore the ship, literally as if you don’t have it. The following products are also recommended:

Radiation Suit: This is a must because you would not be able to approach the boat without it because the vast radiation is delayed by the boat.

Any Cave Crawlers to look after a Knife. The only way this can be is to kill obstacles in the Aurora is the propulsion/repulsion cannon.

A Seaglide – You will have one to walk through Subnautica’s underwater Aurora regions.

You will be able to go onboard once you’ve prepared yourself. You are exploring the ship locked by several doors. These need door codes to be opened and found in the game.

Repair Tool: The Repair Tool helps you to correct the breaches in the Aurora generator room so that the radiation is not released by the vessel.

Laser Cutter: You may break screened doors in the Aurora.

Propulsion Cannon / Repulsion Cannon: In removing debris inside the Aurora, you can travel freely by the propulsion or repulse cannon.

It must be remembered that it is typically very dangerous to visit the remains of the Aurora ship. We encourage you to be well informed, therefore.

Our recommendations in this regard are that you take if you can, two batteries. Besides a laser solder and extinguisher. But, above all, something to protect yourself with as a horrible Leviathan normally lives with.

After fulfilling these suggestions, your journey to Aurora will be just as fruitful as it can be fun, along with these codes. We found that these codes continue to work on a subsequent trip in recent days. Therefore, we recommend that you take advantage of the largest supply extracted from this important area.

Subnautica All Aurora Door codes

All the Subnautica Aurora codes are available below:

  • 2679: Join the Captain’s Stateroom command.
  • 1454: Join the Cargo Bay command.
  • 1869: Join Cabin No. 1 order.
  • 6483: Enter the Laboratory Access command.
  • 6666: Join the Robotic Bay command.
  • A suggestion to save your life
  • Captain’s Quarters: 2679
  • Cargo Bay: 1454
  • Robotics Bay: 6666
  • Cabin No. 1: 1869
  • Lab Access: 6483

You can go to the ship and check for the locked doors once you have all the equipment you need. There is a valuable loot worth recovering behind the locked doors. To unlock the door, swing on the screen near the door and choose the numbers as needed.

How to redeem codes Subnautica Aurora

Approaching the portals and pointing to the control panel next to them is the best way to trigger the Subnautica Aurora code. Once you enter the command, you just have to click on the buttons.

Night Mode

Subnautica all Aurora Door Codes

You will also be informed of the status of the Aurora during your time in Subnautica. The Aurora is a ship that has many reasons for the crash, but you are more than welcome to explore it now that it has. Here are all the Aurora Subnautica door codes.

It is worth remembering first, that you must first wait for the engine to explode to jump on the Aurora in Subnautica. This happens after a few days of the game when players are free to explore it.

On the far east section of the map, the Aurora ship itself is most readily visible by going to the water surface.

What are Subnautica’s all Aurora door codes?

The door code for cabin number 1 is 1869 while the quarters for captain are 2679. With the 1454 door code, the door of Cargo Bay can be opened, and the laboratory access code is 6483. At last, 6666 can open the Robotics Bay. All these are the Aurora Subnautica door codes.

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Final words:

And there you have everything you need to know about the door codes in the area of Aurora Subnautica and some tips for ensuring you are ready to explore this vast boat. We just have to invite you to explore this mysterious world with the necessary recommendations, now that you know all the tricks about the codes of Subnautica Aurora.

Please look at us for more tips, tricks and manuals on Subnautica. We’ve also included some of our most famous game guides down because we’re so cool.