How To Become King in Bitlife?

how to become king in bitlife

In the new Royal update in Bitlife, the Monarchy was added. And with this option, you can become a King or Queen in the game. But remember, this option is only available in selected countries. In this article, I will help you understand which countries and how you can become a king in the game … Read more

How To Become a Nun in Bitlife? Explained

becoming nun in bitlife

In Bitlife, you can become anything from gangsta to nun. But it’s not like a walk-in interview. You have to make your character in a way that he can become a nun in bitlife. There are simple yet logical ways to become a nun or any other character in bitlife. First of all, you have … Read more

How To Complete Gilmore Girls Challenge in Bitlife

gilmore bitlife challenge

The new Gilmore Girls Challenge is added to BitLife. In this quest basically, you need to spend some valuable time with your mother while studying journalism in Connecticut. Here we cover information regarding how to complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge in Bitlife along with other useful in-game information. What is Gilmore Girls Challenge in BitLife? … Read more

How To Get Sugar Daddy in BitLife? Guide

sugar daddies in bitlife

Have you seen ‘catch me if you can’ in which Leonardo DiCaprio became a professor, pilot, doctor and lawyer? The bitlife also works in the same way. The users can become any person and choose any profession from beginning to end. You can choose your parents, health, education, and other stuff. That will lead you … Read more

How to Escape From Prison in Bitlife 2024?

Prison Escape Bitlife

If you’re one of the gamers looking for a BitLife guide – How to avoid 8×8 prison scenarios for maximum security, you’ve come to the right place. No matter how strict the security measures, we are here to help you get out of jailbreak provide BitLife Guide – How to Escape Any Prison In this … Read more