Dune Spice Wars How to Get Hegemony

Dune Spice Wars Guide

Hegemony in Dune: Spice Wars signifies a Faction’s overall dominance and authority over Dune. It is determined by how well your faction does in many elements of the game. Each Faction in the game starts with a different set of Faction Bonuses, and additional ones become available after attaining certain Hegemony Thresholds. At 2k Hegemony, … Read more

Dune Spice Wars How to Increase Authority

Dune: Spice Wars sends players to the arid desert planet of Arrakis, where water and a hallucinogenic powder known as Spice are the most important resources. Players may manage a variety of groups as they extend their area in an attempt to dominate the planet’s resources, all while navigating a complicated diplomatic and economic system. … Read more

Dune Spice Wars How to Destroy Main Base

Dune Spice Wars Guide

Armies in Dune: Spice Wars are often tiny. Because of Arrakis’ hazardous environment, it is vital to prioritize quality above quantity. With only a few forces at your disposal at any given moment, besieging an enemy capital might appear to be an impossible endeavor. Capitals, or Main Bases as they are known in the game, … Read more

Dune Spice Wars How to Build Refinery

Dune Spice Wars Guide

Spice is an incredibly valuable resource in Dune: Spice Wars, and players should aim to collect it as soon as they begin a game. In order to harvest spice, fans must first create a refinery, which may not be visible at first. For those players that are confused about how to build a refinery in … Read more