Overwatch 2 Where to Find Saved Highlights

Overwatch 2 PS Plus

Overwatch has this unique feature in the game that allows users to save their epic battle on their devices. The Save Highlight in Overwatch 2 you can upload on social media such as creating an Instagram Reel and Shorts. With these Overwatch highlights you can create a YouTube Gaming challenge too. But the question that … Read more

Overwatch 2: How To Unlock Ramattra

how to unlock ramattra

Ramattra is the 36th Tank Hero in Overwatch 2. Ramattra is dual from Tank Hero in OW2. It was introduced in season 2 as well. But, if you missed Ramattra Tank Hero in Season 2 now it’s time for you to capture Ramattra in Overwatch 2 Season 3. So, In Overwatch 2 How to unlock … Read more