How To Set Camps in Wild Hearts?

Camp Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is an action-role-playing video game developed by Omega Force and published in 2023 by Electronic Arts under its original label. The game is set on a huge-open world map with five vast regions for players.  Players in the campsite can set up various locations all around the map by placing Hunter’s tents. It … Read more

Best Cheats of Wild Hearts Cheat Engine

cheat engine wild hearts

There are a few Wild Hearts cheats available. These cheats can change your game’s health, stamina, attack, defense, and elemental resilience. Cheats can also increase your gold, Kemono Orbs, Old Cogs, Healing Water, Karakuri Threads, Materials, and Food Ingredients. Cheats can also increase the monster loot and pickup item multiplier. You will need to download … Read more