Animal Crossing How to Earn Bells

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Bells are the in-game money required for transactions in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They can be used for transactions between individual players or between players and other villagers such as Daisy Mae, the Nook brothers, and others. Players can earn Bells in a variety of ways, just like they can buy a variety of products … Read more

Animal Crossing How to Earn Miles

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Pulling weeds and fishing for debris can be stressful in real life, but in Animal Crossing, even the most mundane jobs are made enjoyable through incentive systems. Nook Miles are a currency in Animal Crossing that can be gained by accomplishing activities relating to common duties on the once desolate island. Such as visiting friends, … Read more

Animal Crossing How to Get Oranges

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Every player in Animal Crossing: New Horizons begins life with one of the island’s native peaches, pears, apples, oranges, or cherries. Trees on the island will bear these fruits, which may be plucked and replanted to produce even more of them. Since all fruits are equally powerful and rewarding, the major competition for the more … Read more

Animal Crossing How to Add Custom Designs

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Animal Crossing allows you to create custom made art that can be used anywhere across the world as clothes, pavement, skins for your products, or just the magnificent pieces of art that are proudly exhibited on a canvas. With dozens of stunning custom designs shared online, everyone wants to customize their kit on their deserted … Read more