5 Best Pokemon for Go Great League

Water Type Metas Pokemon

The best Pokemon for Great League are those that possess a high energy-generated-per-second stat along with valuable typing coverage. Due to the 1500 CP cap in Pokemon Go, it also becomes essential that the pocket monster could level-up as much as possible before they hit the limit. The Pokemon Go World Championships emphasized the dominance … Read more

Pokemon Go Paldea Update: Which Pokemon could debut?

Psychic Type Pokemon

Pokemon Presents announced the release of the Paldea region into Pokemon Go. Generation 9 Pokemon will debut in the AR-based game this September and this is going to have massive implications for the meta. Niantic did not reveal the entire details for the Pokemon Go Paldea update but a few hints were given about three … Read more

How To Get Exclusive Research For Pokemon Go World Championship Event?

Pokemon Go World Championships

It is almost time for the Pokemon Go World Championship. Emanating from Yokohama, Japan, the tournament will be held for three days starting from August 11. The first day will feature a double-elimination bracket till the top 32, the second day will feature a double-elimination bracket, and the Grand Finale will be held on the … Read more