5 Best Pokemon for Go Great League

The best Pokemon for Great League are those that possess a high energy-generated-per-second stat along with valuable typing coverage. Due to the 1500 CP cap in Pokemon Go, it also becomes essential that the pocket monster could level-up as much as possible before they hit the limit.

The Pokemon Go World Championships emphasized the dominance of certain ‘mons that have been part of the long-standing metas. However, each trainer had six Pokemon in the tournament rather than the set of three of the Great League. This is why the type effectiveness and weakness play a key role in the game.

Here are the five best Pokemon for Great League.

#1. Noctowl

Last year, the Wing Attack Fast Move got buffed from 7 EPS to 8 EPS similar to moves like Powder Snow and Karate Chop. Noctowl benefited massively from the change. It can use the Wing Attack-Sky Attack STAB combo more quickly than the omnipresent Altaria. Additionally, it sports a decent bulk at a level cap of 27.

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Noctowl is a dual Normal/Flying type that deals heavy damage to Ghost-types like Sableye and Trevenant. It only possesses three weaknesses, namely Ice-, Rock-, and Electric-type moves. Keep it away from other metagame threats like Alolan Sandslash, Bastiodon, Lanturn, and Registeel.

#2. Registeel

Registeel is the most useful mono Steel-type Pokemon used in the Great League. Possessing weaknesses to only Fire-, Ground-, and Fighting-type moves, its list of resistance is matched by its impressive HP. The legendary Pokemon can deal massive damage from its Charged Attacks if the opponent doesn’t take it down soon.

Similar to Regieleki, Registeel’s highest energy-generating move is Lock On with 5 EPS. It is guaranteed to fire its one-bar Charged Attacks at least once while on the battlefield despite its slow moves. Moreover, it has excellent coverage: Focus Blast provides high DPE and valuable Fighting-type coverage, Zap Cannon can counter metas like Altaria or Greninja, and Flash Cannon gives the Steel-type same-type attack bonus (STAB).

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#3. Charizard

Chiodo SH01 scaled the Pokemon Go World Championships thanks to his Shadow Charizard. The dual Fire/Flying type is one of the best Pokemon for Great League because of its coverage over Grass-, Dragon-, Fighting-, and Bug-types. It can also be kept un-purified since Shadow Charizard’s Fast Move is boosted by the shadow bonus.

Access to Wing Attack, one of the highest EPS Fast Move, and Dragon Claw Charged Move lets Charizard counter other Dragon-types like Flygon or Altaria. Blast Burn, Flamethrower, and Fire Blast provide massive damage but consume a lot of energy. It is weak to Rock-, Water-, and Electric-type attacks so Lanturn, Greninja, and Whiscash are its ideal counters.

#4. Deoxys (Defense Forme)

Deoxys was one of the standouts in the 2023 Pokemon Go World Championships. Its Defense Forme has exceptional bulk and resistance, along with a moveset that could deal super-effective damage to ten other types. The Psychic-type legendary is weak to Ghost, Bug, and Dark-type Pokemon but it can still present a challenge to them due to its fourth-highest max defense stat of 330.

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Deoxys (Defense Forme) is best suited to a Psyhic-type role with the Zen Headbutt-Psycho Boost combo. It benefits from STAB and Psycho Boost can stack up to two bars. More powerful options are Rock Slide and Thunderbolt for coverage against Flying-, Water-, and Fire-types. Medicham also has a ‘Counter‘ for Fighting- and Rock-type Pokemon but is ideally used for the same attack type bonus.

#5. Medicham

With a max CP of 1618 at Level 50, Medicham is made for the Great League game. It is one of the most powerful metas in the game due to its impressive stats, high ATK, and unique Fighting/Psychic typing. ‘Cham can ace battles against other Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon, thanks to the coverage of its moveset.

Counter Fast Move has the best damage output along with the energy generation for Medicham. It can be substituted for Psycho Cut to ‘super-effectively’ counter Fighting-types in Great League and benefit from STAB with its Psychic Charged Attack. Medicham also has access to Ice Punch – a low-energy move that provides coverage against Dragon-, Flying-, and Ground-type Pokemon.

Upgrading Medicham to over level 40 will require a lot of Meditite Candy, Meditite XL Candy, and millions of Stardust. It is one of the reasons why the yoga practitioner is a rare sight despite being the best Pokemon for Great League.