Which Oinkologne is better in Pokemon Go: Male or Female?

Oinkologne Pokemon Go

Oinkologne is one of the new Paldeans that debuted in Season 12: Adventures Abound in Pokemon Go. It evolves from Lechonk after consuming 50 Candy and has two versions: Male and Female. Apart from distinct appearances, the two have different stats that differentiate their utility in Go Battle Leagues. A Normal-type Pokemon, Oinkologne is weak … Read more

Which starter to choose: Quaxly, Sprigatito, or Fuecoco: Pokemon Go A Paldean Adventure

Pokemon GO A Paldean Adventure

Pokemon Go ‘A Paldean Adventure’ Research gives trainers the option to pick one of the three starters from Generation 9. While the first two steps in the research are simple, the third step is rather hectic and time-consuming. One of the tasks is to evolve Fuecoco, Sprigatito, or Quaxly after you have chosen your Paldean … Read more

Pokemon Go Paldea Update: Which Pokemon could debut?

Psychic Type Pokemon

Pokemon Presents announced the release of the Paldea region into Pokemon Go. Generation 9 Pokemon will debut in the AR-based game this September and this is going to have massive implications for the meta. Niantic did not reveal the entire details for the Pokemon Go Paldea update but a few hints were given about three … Read more