Mega Gyarados Raid Pokemon Go: Stats, Counters and Weaknesses

Shadow Gyarados

The third evolution of Magikarp is available in the Gyms and it does more than just splash around. Mega Gyarados Raid in Pokemon Go will span from August 4 to August 16 probably in celebration of the Go Fest 2023 in Osaka due to its similarities with the mythical Japanese dragon, Ryu. Mega Gyarados is … Read more

Pokemon Go Cresselia Raid Boss Guide

Pokemon Go Cresselia

Pokemon Go Cresselia: The Lunar Pokemon will be complementing the festive mood of the ongoing Go Fest in Osaka, Tokyo and London, England. Cresselia will be available as a Tier 5 Raid Boss from August 4 to August 16. In this Pokemon Go Cresselia Raid Boss Guide, we will discuss the best ways to counter … Read more