How to Farm Yao Shrub in Warframe

how to farm yao shrub

Yao Shrub is a new resource that was introduced in the Duviri Paradox update for Warframe. It is a glowing plant that can be found in the colder regions of Duviri. Yao Shrub is used to craft a variety of items, including weapons, wireframes, and mods. If you had been to Duviri’s coldest areas, one … Read more

How To Get Velox In Warframe?

How To Get Velox In Warframe

Want to find out how to get a Velox in the game Warframe? Rest assured, I’ve got you covered. I have created a guide for you on how to get a Velox in Warframe. Warframe is a Free-To-Play action role-playing Third Person Shooter Multiplayer Online Game available for gamers worldwide. It is the most popular … Read more

What is Warframe Prime Resurgence and Aya? Explained

Warframe Prime Resurgence and Aya

Warframe Prime Resurgence is a mode that offers two methods of unlocking rare prime Warframe parts and weapons. The Prime Resurgence event started in 2021 and later became a full-time mode. In this mode, you must travel to Maroo’s Bazaar and find the node on Mars. Once you’re inside the relay, head to the back … Read more

How To Get Blood Rush in Warframe All Locations

Warframe Blood Rush

Blood Rush is a melee mod which increases critical chance as the Melee combo counter increases. This mod increases crit chance by +164%, which is added on top of the existing crit of the weapon and the bonus works only when there is an active combo. Blood Rush crit has a formula and to calculate … Read more