How to Defeat Fire Giant in Elden Ring | Cheese Guide

The Fire Giant is one of the major bosses in the Elden Ring that you can encounter in the Mountaintops of the Giants its one of the biggest to defeat bosses in the game until now that unlocks the Forge in Elden Ring.

Since it’s a giant boss in the game, it deals lots of damage from its moves if you catch his moves then you can instantly come to death. But if you know how you can tackle its attacks you can easily survive and with some hassle defeat it.

Here we featured a guide that covers how to defeat and cheese the Fire Giant in the Elden Ring without taking much damage along with other helpful information such as rewards you get after defeating and more.

How To Defeat The Fire Giant in Elden Ring

You need to reach the Chruch of Repose and then move in a straight direction in your path until you see the frozen giants cover with snow in some point you will find the bridge of chains cross the bridge and move forward at some distance you will see the Fire Giant walking toward you.

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Phase 1

There are two phases of the Fire Giant fight in the first phase you need Fire Giant will use moves like the Waves of Snow, Shield smack, Ground Stomp, Roll and Fire punches and eruptions. Here you need to use the defence and attack fighting style, when a fire giant launches its attacks toward you need to run in the opposite direction.

We recommend summoning the Torrent it can be handy. Once Fire Giant delivers its attack you get some time to counterattack.

Try hitting for Fire Giant’s legs toss and follow the attack and dodge Fighting style until you reduce the health bar of Fire Giant to 50% after that the second phase of the fight will begin.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the fight begins when you broke off the toss of the Fire Giant and he removes his one leg. Now he can only roll from one direction to another, but now he uses the fire spell and fireballs to keep you away.

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So make sure to avoid the fireballs and fire spells and keep hitting the second leg toss and you will defeat the Fire Giant without taking much damage.

After defeating the Fire Giant it will drop the Remembrance of the Fire Giant that you can loot as a reward.

How To Cheese Fire Giant in Elden Ring

To cheese the fire giant during the fight you need to lure the giant toward the edge of the two massive rocks. Simply move to the left and then the right cliff of the rock and then jump when giants start following you.

Once you jump the fire giant will get some damage about 25% to 30% and the second phase of the fight begins you need to repeat the process in the second phase and keep attacking the toss of the giant and you can easily defeat him. This cheese makes it a lot easier to defeat the Fire Giant without having much damage.

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Watch this YouTube video created by TagBackTV based on cheesing the fire giant in Elden Ring.

This is sum up for this guide for more related content such as how to find Rykard and more do read our Elden Ring Guide.

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