Most Effective Synergies in DC Heroes and Villains: Match 3

DC Heroes & Villains

Synergies play an important role in DC Heroes and Villains. They increase the partnered characters’ attack stat from tile-matching. Moreover, when all five characters of a particular synergy category are in the team, they unlock a Special Ability in which each character performs their Power Move simultaneously, producing tons of damage. Choosing the right superheroes … Read more

Best Characters in DC Heroes and Villains: Match 3 Mobile Game

DC Heroes & Villains

From the award-winning mobile game studio Ludia Inc., DC Heroes and Villains is an unprecedented tile-matching game that features original Detective Comics characters. It was globally released on Android and IOS on July 18, 2023. DC Heroes and Villains: Match 3 has three modes: a Story Mode that occurs in several places like Gotham and … Read more

All Pokemon Starters by Generation

Pokemon Go Single Type Cup Best Teams

In each Pokemon game, there are multiple pokemons that you can catch. However knowing the Pokemon Starters list can be come in handy for you. Starter Pokemon stick with you all throughout your early run through the games. They all have their pros and cons. Let’s get into all the Pokemon Starters by generation, from … Read more

Brawl Stars Tier List (September 2023)

Brawl Stars Tier List

Brawl Stars is a popular mobile game in which you compete with other brawlers. With 68 brawlers available, selecting the proper one for the fight might be difficult. You have a number of brawlers, each with its own set of stats, powers, strengths, weaknesses, and other vital characteristics. Of course, like with other games, the … Read more