What Does Copium Mean In Twitch Chat? Explained

If you want to use Twitch then you must hear of the word called Copium or Copium meme and if you’re searching for the meaning of it. Then you’re in luck today. Here I am going to explain the correcting meaning of the Copium that is mostly used on Reddit twitch and other streaming platform.

What is Copium’s History?

The Copium meme may be traced back to 2003. This was even before Twitch’s June 6, 2011 debut. Keak da Sneak released his album “Copium” in the United States in 2003. This is the first time the word has been used.

The first time the Copium word is recorded on a social platform such as Reddit by an anonymous 4chan user on came via the r/the_meltdown subreddit. This subreddit become so popular after the recently concluded US elections in which Donald Trump wins the election during the 2016 campaign. Most US citizens were upset and do this meme become a trend on social platforms.

With Donald Trump’s election loss in 2020, it made a return. This time, though, the meme has crossed over to the right-wing side.

What Does Copium Meaning in Twitch

Meaning of Copium in Twitch Chat

Basically in the Twitch the Copimum is an Portmanteau Word. When anyone Combine two words to form a new word and this called portmanteau word. For example smog that is combination of Smoke and Fog and lot more.

Similar to that, the Copimum words is the combination of Cope (building a psychological defense of a lighter opinion to deal with a difficult truth) and Opium ( know as the Drug). In Twitch the Copium word is used on chat box by users and its means – fictional drug to cope with defeat on stream.

You can see it on above meme image in which a For hooked to the Copium tank. This is one of the most used meme in Twitch when its comes to Copimum.

Copium meaning was defined by user enterprise1701 on Urban Dictionary. “A symbolic opiate breathed when faced with loss, failure, or defeat, particularly in politics and other tribal situations,” he said.

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