Is Payday 2 Crossplay in 2024? Answered

Is Payday 2 Crossplay

Wondering is Payday 2 crossplay? Nowadays cross-platform is a feature one of the popular features in video games that allows players to enjoy the game with other players from anywhere. Most of the popular video game studios already introduced a cross-platform feature for their users. Such as Minecraft, Apex Legends and more. Payday 2 is … Read more

How To Get Winged Scythe in Elden Ring

winged scythe elden ring

If you ask Elden Ring players about the best faith weapon that ever existed on the Elden ring probably 90% will say it’s a winged scythe. Winged scythe falls into the reaper category in Elden Ring. The weapon under the Reaper category has higher range and slash attacks of scythe cover long range. Due to … Read more

What Does Faith Do in Elden Ring? Explained

What Does Faith Do in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, eight different stats can be upgraded by Runes to lift your health, defense, damage, and more. Here we are discussing Faith stat. Every stat has its use. The faith stats will contribute a major role in the effectiveness of your character and the weapons. If you don’t know how faith stat will … Read more