Why Can’t I See My Friend’s Summon Sign In Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, we have a feature to know the online ID of a player. If you want to view the player’s ID, you need to get the help of the summon sign.

This is a very helpful feature if you want to know the summon sign your friend uses. With the help of summon you can take the Elden ring challenges with your friends and can tackle the toughest challenges.

The mechanics of the Elden Ring is not so simple and pretty hectic. There are some glitches that the players usually face while they play Elden Ring.

A situation may arise that you are not able to see the summon of your friend. If you are one of them, then here we are with the exact solutions which will definitely work to eradicate the issue. A detailed solution has been listed below.

Solution 1: Check the network connection

There can be many situations where you will not see the summon sign of your friend if the internet connection of yours or your friends is not stable.

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Thus, first of all, you need to check the stability of your Wifi. You should also check the anti-virus software and make sure that the settings of the firewall are an exception for the Elden ring. You can also visit the steam server to check for any news about the server being down.

Solution 2: Restart the game

Elden Ring from the very beginning has many bugs and glitches. The settings are hectic and the mechanics are also a bit janky. Thus, you need to make sure every setting falls in the right place. You can shut down the game or the steam server to refresh the connections. Restarting the game may help to regain the connection.

Solution 3: Furlcalling Finger Remedy

One of, the items which could be obtained in the game of Elden ring is the furlcalling finger remedy. If you use a password and can’t get the summon sign of your friend you need to refresh the connection by canceling the search and restarting the search process again.

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Select the furlcalling finger remedy and then cancel it again. Use the furlcalling finger remedy one more time for the search. This may take more tries to succeed.

Solution 4: Using multiplayer passwords

If you do not use a multiplayer password and are still using the furlcalling finger remedy, then the game searches the summon signs in your locality. If you are close to the site of grace and you are looking in order to pair with a friend, you may not see the summons.

If you are not using the multiplayer password. In order to set up the password you can visit the multiplayer section and get to the passwords section. You need to set a password and then share it with a friend.

Thus, these solutions are very exact and would definitely help you to get the fix for not being able to see the fiends summon sign. Following the instructions would help you to fix the issue.

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