Warframe: Farming the Alloy Plate Guide

Alloy Plate mainly is a combination of metals mostly used by the Grineer for the kind of armor which you are able to reused for items like the Tenno craft. You can use the Alloy Plate also for many parts which are needed to make crafts like Systems, Neuroptics and even Cosmetics.

You are able to find this Alloy Plate on several planets but there are a few going to offer you the good amount that might be farmed. Alloy Plate is very important to make multiple pieces of equipment and it is useful for further this reason.

Farming Alloy Plate

Farming the Alloy Plate is a very easy process because you are able to find it on many planets. All you need to do is, just choose a right planet and specify a best place to find Alloy Plate and you should find a large number of Alloy Plate because it will be helpful for you.

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You know that Alloy Plate is variable and it is very easy to farm because you can get it on several planets but you should know that Ceres will offer you a tighter map along with a Dark Sector mission, so we prefer this one.

You will be able to get this maps in series which are set mainly on Grineer maps and you should use it for certain advantages. Here Ceres will provide you two missions which will give an incredible supply of Alloy Plate.

1) Gabii

Gabii warframe
warframe alloy plate farm

Gabii is known for the best place to farm Alloy Plate with a 35% increased resource drop rate and it is very easy to take down and it is able to move very fast.

That’s why it is able to provide an easy method to defeat enemies. You should know that the Infested will not be able to get a huge amount of armor the longer you stay in missions and it will be able to stay for quite a decent amount of time.

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But instead of this using the Infested will not be a problem for you because you are able to take them out quickly and the quicker more will join again. You just need to kill them consecutively and being in a spot where they can quickly arrive might be useful for your farming session.

But if you farm in a group to increase the number of enemies then it will be very good decision for you to get more Alloy Plate. Just for example we can say that a 5 minute session on Gabii will allow you to receive an average amount of 1000 to 3000 when farming solo so you can get more if you play in a group.

2) Draco

draco warframe
warframe alloy plate farm

If you like to take some risk and battle against the Grineer by yourself then Draco is a good choice since the level is not that high and this kind of enemies might be generous and plentiful. The map will deliver you a lot of areas to camp as well as many loot to acquire through roaming.

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If you decide to camp then you should use Hydroid here and Nekros when roaming which will be helpful for you because it will help you to gain a lot amount of Alloy Plate when farming the Draco.

And you and your group will never face a lot of trouble to kill the Grineer so if you stay for a long period it will help you to increase the level and armor of the Grineer. You are suggested to stay for twenty minutes before repeating.