Warframe How to Unlock Apostasy Prologue

Wondering about Warframe how to unlock Apostasy Prologue. Well the Warframe adds lots of challenges to its Tennos, where they have to complete probably all the quests to jump on the next storyline of the game. Where they need to complete all the challenges and install new systems in the orbit, a Tenno and all.

While going through the main story, many users forgot to access some of the areas and challenges of the Warframe universe, so they won’t be able to access the further Warframe Journey. Here, we are discussing How to Unlock Apostasy Prologue

Warframe: Apostasy Prologue

How to get Apostasy Prologue
warframe how to unlock apostasy prologue

Apostasy Prologue is the main short quest of the Warframe Universe. It’s the main quest of the story, so you can unlock Apostasy Prologue by completing the previous quest and then you can access to Apostasy Prologue. After that, you can unlock the next quest of the Warframe Journey. 

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To Unlock the Warframe Apostasy quest you have to complete the Quest “Chains of the Harrow” and also you need to craft and install the  “Personal Quarter Segment”.  After that, you have to reach the personal quarters and set the matchmaking to SOLO, as you do that you can gain access to Apostasy Prologue. 

As you complete the Apostasy Prologue, you may have access to “The Sacrifice” quest. 

How to Unlock the Apostasy Prologue Quest in the Warframe?

There are a series of quests you will need to complete before unlocking the Apostasy Prologue challenge in Warframe.

You have to complete the Chains of Harrow Quest and have to install the Personal Quarter Segment in your orbit. As you do that, you will notice the faint Purple orb at the end of it you will be guided to the location in Lua.

Where you have to keep chasing the purple trail and it will lead you to complete the Apostasy Prologue mission of Warframe

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Steps to Complete the Apostasy Prologue:

After completion of the Chain of Harrow and installation of the Personal Quarter Segment, you can have access to Apostasy Prologue.

After completing those missions you have to enter the personal quarter, you will notice a purple hologram of Lua and your quest will begin. 

Where you need to complete the following steps to complete the Apostasy Prologue:

  • Lua: The Reservoir
  • The Void: The Jade Light


You have to complete the Chain of Harrow and install the Personal Quarter Segemenet in orbit and you are good to go Warframe Apostasy Prologue mission.

Where you have to complete the Lua The Reservoir and The Void: The Jade Light. After completing Apostasy Prologue you can unlock The Sacrifice Warframe mission. 

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