Will Greyninja be the New Meta in Pokemon Go?

Greyninja is a beloved Pokemon of many trainers due to its all-rounder abilities. It was Ash’s first catch in the Kalos region, eventually evolving into the speedy Ash-Greninja due to the Bond Phenomenon. The Ninja Pokemon has asserted domination in both anime and in games but only now will Greyninja become the new meta in Pokemon Go.

One of the most powerful abilities of Ash-Greyninja in Pokemon X and Y was to form large Water Shurikens on its back. This ability will be introduced in the AR-based game, overshadowing the Bubble Quick Attack. The moveset tweaks given to Greyninja are to restore it to its former glory, making it better than other Water-types in Pokemon Go.

Greyninja will become the new Water-type meta in Pokemon Go by mid-August

Greninja Pokemon Go
Greyninja Pokemon Go

On August 13, Pokemon Go will celebrate Froakie Community Day with increased chances of catching the Bubble Frog and its newly-debuted shiny variant. There will be some enticing bonuses attached as well. Trainers who evolve their Frogadier into Greyninja during the Community Day event will get a Greyninja with the Hydro Cannon Charged Attack.

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Combine that with Water Shuriken and we get the fastest spammer of Hydro Cannon in the PvP leagues. Greyninja will surpass the fellow Water-type Swampert, which has dominated the meta division for some time. According to a datamine, Water Shuriken boasts excellent parameters at 2 DPT / 4.66 EPT.

The Water Shuriken Quick Move will be introduced during the Community Day although trainers can use a Fast TM anytime after to get the move. Greyninja users previously used Bubble and Surf, with little to no luck in Leagues due to its low bulk and high recharge time. That will change in the near future.

Greyninja stats and abilities

A dual Dark/Water type Pokemon, Greyninja has access to the Feint Attack-Night Slash combo but it is better to use it as a water type. Night Slash will take a lot of time to charge and couldn’t provoke opponents into using Shields.

Compared to the Water Shuriken-Hydro Cannon build, opponents will become compelled in one way or the other to use a barrier if they don’t have an Electric-, Bug-, Fairy-, Grass- or Fighting-type attack at their disposal.

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At Level 40, the Ninja Pokemon has a max CP of 2654. It is the ideal Water-type to use in Great Leagues and Ultra Leagues as it boasts a stronger attack than Swampert. Compared to the all-powerful Azumarill, Greyninja has less impressive bulk but a better ability to compel opponents to get on the defense by its aggressive play.