How To Get Mega Diancie in Pokemon Go?

Another Mega Evolution will make its Pokemon Go debut during the Go Fest 2023. Tagging alongside Mega Raquaza, Mega Diancie will be available in Raids in London, Osaka, and New York City. The dual Rock/Fairy Pokemon headlined the Special Research events for the event but the news of its Mega evolutions has taken trainers by surprise.

Diancie can be obtained in Pokemon Go after purchasing the Go Fest ticket. Ticketholders will get access to exclusive Saturday Special Research that rewards them with the Mythical Pokemon from the Kalos region. The story will focus on the history of Diancie: its formation, nature, and eventually its Mega form.

Here is the answer to how to get Mega Diancie in Pokemon Go.

Mega Diance Pokemon Go

A unique way to award Mega Energy for Diancie

There is no news on when Mega Diancie will make its global appearance. Only ticketholders can get the supposed Rock-meta for the Ultra League. Moreover, they can farm energy through Raids but it won’t be based around the Mythical Pokemon.

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Diancie Mega Energy can be acquired by Pokemon Go Fest ticketholders by participating and completing 2-Star Carbink Raids during the event. As such, trainers can farm Candy and Stardust for two meta Pokemon. Diancie is great for the Ultra League while Carbink is the meta for Great League players, often termed as the ‘superior Bastiodon’ due to its bulk.

Diancie will be made available through research during the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 global event on Saturday, August 26, 2023, and Sunday, August 27, 2023, from 10 AM to 6 PM local time. Make sure to buy the Special Research pass from the Shop before the event officially begins on August 18.

Diancie stats and moveset in Pokemon Go

Diancie has a max CP of 2784. It has a max Attack of 190, Defense of 285, and Stamina of 137. While being resistant to Normal-, Flying-, Bug-, Dark-, Dragon-, and Fire-type attacks, it is vulnerable to Ground, Water, Grass, and Steel moves. Swampert and grass-types such as Sceptile and Exeggutor can give the mythical ‘mon a tough fight.

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Diancie’s best moveset is Rock Throw with Rock Slide. Additionally, trainers can unlock the Moonblast Charged Attack to give her a fairy-type benefit. It is still recommended to go for a Rock-type build as it will benefit from STAB (same attack type bonus), generating energy for the Charged Move at a higher pace.