5 Best Battle Royale Classes in Call of Duty Mobile

Battle Royale is one of the most competitive multiplayer modes in Call of Duty Mobile. Players scatter across the map and try to survive till the end. Unlike in other modes, they have unique abilities that can them an advantage when activated at the right time and in the right situation.

Season 7 saw changes to Call of Duty Mobile‘s class system, introducing professions that offer passive abilities that work alongside class abilities. ‘Classes’ in CODM Battle Royale games are a feature that separates the game from its competitors like PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire.

It is divided into six professions with each giving a unique passive ability to the player: Kinetic Station, Defense, Disrupt, Support, Stealth, and Tracker.

COD Mobile CP
Image via Activision

Here are the five best Battle Royale Classes in Call of Duty Mobile.

Disrupt – Hacker

A hacker’s play revolves around jamming the enemy’s intelligence. When the Hacker’s Ice Pick ability is activated, it disrupts the enemy’s map and special abilities. What separates it from other classes is that it has a low cooldown, a surreal maximum range of 150m, and can hack up to six players. It is the best class to counter Poltergeist.

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Disrupt – Trap Master

The Trap Master has the ability to put an electrified tripwire on the ground, which both damages and slows enemies down. Such a play is great when camping at a particular place. Often, a player surrounded by a squad places the tripwire on the stairs or in front of doors before taking the enemies by surprise by opening fire while they are slowed.

Stealth – Poltergeist

An element of surprise can take down even the strongest of players. The Poltergeist Battle Royale Class in Call of Duty Mobile makes the player invisible to enemies until it opens fire. Such a tactic is great for flanking enemies without their notice, even though they get warned by the Colonel: “Watch out! An enemy Poltergeist is nearby.”

Support – Refitter

In every squad, there is that one medic that supports the others by providing all kinds of supplies. The Refitter Class is one such support unit. Not only does it repair the armor of players but also their vehicles and provides additional armor. The other class in the Support profession, Medic, has a plethora of healing abilities for the group and himself.

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Tracker – Mechanic Class

A little similar to the Hacker class, the tracker profession not only disrupts an enemy’s abilities but also locates them. Upon activation, the Mechanic Class ability launches an MQ-27 Dragonfire drone that hovers in the air until being on top of the enemy player and disrupting their HUD. Additionally, they will be able to see enemies through obstacles or vehicles, They are a vital asset for the endgame.

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