How To Sell Property in GTA 5 Online

Investing in the real estate sector in real life is profitable but not in GTA 5 online. If you have enough money in GTA 5, you can purchase any property you want. But many GTA players don’t know how to sell property in GTA 5 Online.

You can easily purchase property from the Dynasty 8 website. Investing in property can generate a passive income for you, such as if you own a pub then you can generate income from there.

But if you own an apartment or house you won’t be able to generate income from it. There are many different properties available and also in the property, you can make changes.

Is it Possible To Sell Property in GTA 5 Online?

There are no options for directly selling your GTA 5 property. If you don’t need urgent money then we will suggest you don’t sell your property.

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But if you are in urgent need of money you can do is, exchange your property for some lower-valued property. The exchange fee for properties will be submitted to your bank account.

As an example, you own a 100000$ property in GTA 5, and you want to sell it. You won’t be able to sell it. You can exchange the property. For your property, you can exchange it for a lower-valued property.

Suppose you exchange it with 30000$ property then some exchange fees can be in your pocket. Let’s say 20000$. So for your 100000$ worth of property, you will trade for 30000$ property and 20000$ in your bank account. It’s kind of trading but you will always be at a loss, that’s for sure.

How To Exchange Property In GTA 5 Online

Below we mentioned the step-by-step instructions that help you to know how you can exchange property in GTA 5 Online without having much hassle.

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1. Open your Phone and open the browser.

2. Search Dynasty 8 website in the search bar.

3. Then open the property listings options.

Dynasty 8 website
how to sell property in gta 5 online

4. As per your requirement set price filters from low to high in this case.

5. Select the cheapest options you like.

6. Now select the buy option and purchase the property.

7. At last, they will ask you to trade property, select the property you want to sell and it will be replaced.

trade business in gta 5
how to sell property in gta 5 online

It’s kind of frustrating that you own a property and you invest in decoration and all that stuff and you have to settle for less.

If you own any business then this is also applicable to you. But the steps are a little different.

How to exchange business property in GTA 5 online?

Businesses are kind of counted in the property but they are different than real estate. The business will generate passive income in Grand Theft Auto 5 online. Many times when you exchange with other properties you may lose that respective progress.

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Follow these steps to exchange the business property in GTA 5 online

  1. Open your browser from the Phone.
  2. Search for Maze Bank Foreclosures
  3. Select the property options from there

Now, the game bots will propose and navigate you to do some improvements and assist you to pick aesthetically pleasing looks.


So you can’t sell the property in GTA 5 Online. You carry two options either you can retain the property or can tread with other property. While you tread with the lower-valued property you will obtain the exchange fees and property.

When you do that you won’t be able to plead your Sold property, if it’s a safe house or garage or store, you will lose that. Same with the business you can exchange it in other places and the game will guide you after selecting a property.