What is an Ultra Wormhole in Pokemon GO

Ultra Wormholes made its comeback in Pokemon GO, and has once again has given a chance to those who may have missed their previous arrival last summer to capture some incredibly strong Pokemon.

Ultra Wormholes were first introduced in the Sun and Moon titles and were discovered by Professor Mohn as unstable portals that establish a connection between the Pokemon world and Ultra Space.

These portals are heavily associated with a legendary Pokemon Cosmog. Ultra Wormholes are important as they’re a gateway through which Ultra Beasts can enter the world.

Where to Find Ultra Wormhole in Pokemon GO

Players can find these portals above gyms when they’re active during special events. Instead of raid eggs appearing, an Ultra Wormhole will pop up to indicate an Ultra Beast is going to emerge after the clock counts down.

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It’s difficult to tell which Ultra Beast is about to pop out as they’re typically associated with events going on in the game, so players will want to stay updated from their official handle to see which Beasts are available to catch.

Which Ultra Beasts can appear in an Ultra Wormhole?

what is an ultra wormhole pokemon go
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So far there are 7 Ultra Beast that could possibly walk through the Ultra Wormhole which are: 

These Ultra Beasts appear for a limited time, so be sure to check the raid schedule to see if any Beasts are available.

How to Catch the Ultra Beast in Pokemon Go 

Once you locate an Ultra Wormhole and an Ultra Beast has emerged from it, all you have to do is battle it. Just like with Legendary battles, you’ll need a strong team and different trainers to team up with if you want to win. 

So that’s everything you need to know about Ultra Wormhole in Pokemon GO as I’ll see you in the next article.

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