How To Dual Wield in Elden Ring (Guide)

Having two hand weapon in the game is plus point for everyone. Because with two hand weapon you can easily able to deliver high-end damage to the enemies with less power.

If you wanted to know how you can obtain two hand weapon in Elden Ring then you have visited on the correct webpage.

Here I will explain how you can easily able to obtain the two-handed weapon in Elden Ring without having a hassle.

If you’ve ever played Souls video games such as Bloodborne, Demon Souls, Dark Soul and more. Then you know its very common for Souls games to have two hand weapon for the character. However the process of getting two hand weapons on each game is different.

In Elden Ring, the dual-wield weapons is called Power Stance and here we are going to explain all about it.

How To Get Dual Wield or Power Stance Weapons In Elden Ring?

Basically, the two hand weapons or power stance refer to the term in which character in Elden Ring holding two weapons on both of his hand. Does having weapons on the both hand can boost the power and chances of delivering power damage to the opponent in the game.

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In old games of Soul such as Bloodbrone you need to press the Triangle button in order to obtain the two hand weapon. However in case of the Elden Ring there are some changes or additional steps that you need to apply in order to get the Dual Wield.

Techinically, in the Elden Ring the player has to press the Triangle button along with L1 or R1 in order to switch the weapon from left to right.

In order to switch back to the Single or One Hand Stance you need to follow these button combination again.

When the you’ve the two hand weapons such as the Twinblade, you can also get some new skills with it. However their is an catch you cannot able to use the Shield in order to defend yourself if you have two hand weapons.

But you can easily able to lower the damage of the upcoming attacks with the weapon you’re using in the Elden Ring.

How To Dual Wield in Elden Ring

When I Can Use Dual Wield or Power Stance in Elden Ring?

You can only able to use the two hand or dual wielding in the Elden Ring. If you able to obtain the two weapons of same type in each hand. For doing this all you need to do is go to the equipment menu and choose the same weapons in both hand.

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More importantly, the Dual Wielding has different attack combinations that you can use with pressing the L1 and R1 buttons. However this also depends on the what weapons are you using in the game and for you need to pick up the perfect weapon that suits you.

Final Words:

In Elden Ring,I observe that using the two hand weapons will leave me wide open for the attacks. However it also boost the damage delivery to the enemies and bosses. In other words, you need to practice a lot to use the dual wielding in Elden Ring to avoid getting damage and then things will be good for you.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to how to dual wield in Elden Ring with complete information.

How do you use dual-wield Elden Ring?

Can you 2 hand weapons in Elden Ring?

Hold Triangle and press R1 or L1 on the PlayStation to two-hand your right or left weapon, accordingly. Those buttons on Xbox will be Y and either RB or LB.

Is dual-wielding good Elden Ring?

Because of its amazing move set and increasing damage with each hit, it is one of the ideal weapons to dual wield Elden Ring. Slash and pierce attacks are the most common, and scaling works well with Arcane. Furthermore, the Rivers of Blood Katana’s bleed effect is incredible!

Can you dual wield magic in Elden Ring?

In the game, From Software has included an incredibly enjoyable dual-wielding mechanism that allows players to use two weapons of their choice for double the excitement.

This is end of this short guide.

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