How To Dual Wield in Elden Ring (Guide)

How To Dual Wield in Elden Ring: In many fighting games, you may have seen that there were some two-handed weapons. In Elden ring also two-handed weapons are present. Nut you can use these two-handed weapons in Elden ring in some different ways. The way is not the same as the other fighting games.

But there is nothing to worry about the way these two-handed weapons are not so difficult. You will feel easy to use this.

As an old player, you may know that in the game before the last update you were able to use the triangle weapon or the Y button weapon by holding these and you can change the mode of holding.

Like you can hold the triangle weapon and the Y button weapon in a two-handed way or in holding mode also. Not only the triangle weapon and the Y button weapon, but you may also use the two-handed mode of holding in the use of L1 and the R1 shoulder button also.

You can change the weapons from the left hand to the right hand and as well from the right hand to the left hand also.The rotation of weapons from left hand to the right hand and as well from left hand to right hand also, you can make with any kind of weapons.

The weapon can be the slot it can be the swords it can be the staff and as well it can be the shields also. You can use rotation in all weapons but the efficiency of the weapons will increase if it is the melee weapon.

If you use the two-handed holding rotation from left hand to right hand and as well from right hand to left hand to use the melee weapon then damage will increase and you will get the additional damage by using this two-handed rotation.

If you are using two-handed weapons while you are attacking, then the damage which is created by your attack will increase by more and more than older time. In any kind of attack like in light attack as well as in heavy attacks also the dame will increase if you use the two-handed weapons in the time when you are attacking.

In Elden ring, there are many kinds of ways or techniques of increasing the power or the damage but the two-handed holding weapons increase the dame in a different way. The users feel that increasing the damage by using the two-handed weapons is a great technique while you are attacking the key boss in Elden ring.

How To Dual Wield in Elden Ring

You can use the holding mode of the two-handed mode by using the shield also. Then it is a great chance to give an open attack by using the shield and the weapons.

There is another great piece of equipment named power stance. You can use this power stance in Elden ring to have a great time in Elden Ring. there is a brief description of the power stances.

Not only the description but how you can be able to use the power stance in Elden ring that also stated below. If you want to know more about how you can use the power stances in ELDEN RING then here it is.

How To Use Power Stances in Elden Ring

When you are attacking in the mode of holding the weapons in two hands, then the attacking mode has converted into a term. The two-handed holding attacking mode is known to the player as a term, of power stance.

To achieve the power stances in the Elden ring you just have to do a little bit of work in choosing the weapons. As a user or as a player you have a great collection of different kbd of weapons. To achieve the power stances just choose the weapons from your collection of weapons that have the same type of quality of working or damaging in the two-handed holding mode of weapons.

After knowing all the usefulness of the power stances now it comes to your mind that you will be able to access these power stances in the Elden ring. To achieve the power stances just go and access the button on the left shoulder.

After accessing the ‘left shoulder button’ you will achieve the combo set of the power stances in the Elden Ring. if you get these power stances then you will be able to have a great move when you are attacking. And the great move will depend on the weapons that you have chosen.

The power stances only depend on the quality of the weapons. So if you want to get effectiveness in your moves then you have to choose the great quality weapons from your collection.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to how to dual wield in Elden Ring with complete information.

How do you use dual wield Elden Ring?

Press the following buttons while holding a weapon normally, presuming you’re wielding your main weapon in your right hand: Controller (PS4 or PS5): R1 + Triangle Controller for Xbox One or Xbox Series X: RB + Y E + right click on a Windows PC (with keyboard and mouse)

Can you 2 hand weapons in Elden Ring?

Hold Triangle and press R1 or L1 on the PlayStation to two-hand your right or left weapon, accordingly. Those buttons on Xbox will be Y and either RB or LB.

Is dual-wielding good Elden Ring?

Because of its amazing move set and increasing damage with each hit, it is one of the ideal weapons to dual wield Elden Ring. Slash and pierce attacks are the most common, and scaling works well with Arcane. Furthermore, the Rivers of Blood Katana’s bleed effect is incredible!

Can you dual wield magic in Elden Ring?

In the game, From Software has included an incredibly enjoyable dual-wielding mechanism that allows players to use two weapons of their choice for double the excitement.

This is end of this short guide.

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