Elden Ring Seluvis Potion: Give Nepheli The Potion or Not?

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In Elden Ring, Nepheli Loux is a non-playable NPC that instructs players on how to summon allies in Stormveil Castle. Her questline’s key choice, though, is whether to give her a potion.

In Stormveil Castle, next to the last Site of Grace before the area boss battle with Godrick the Grafted, you can find Nepheli. She will start one of many questlines in Elden Ring for aiding NPCs once you’ve met her here.

How to begin Elden Ring’s Nepheli Loux Quest?

As you progress in Ranni’s quest line, you will at some point meet Seluvis on Seluvis’s Rise, where he will hand you Seluvis’s potion, asking you to give it to Nepheli.

Seluvis is asking you to get a potion that he made and to give it to Nepheli, another character that you will have probably encountered, and that you can find at Roundtable Hold.

seluvis potion
Seluvis Quest Elden Ring

He is asking you to give it to Nepheli but you have a choice here and it’s up to you whether you want to give it or not.

But as with anything else in the Elden Ring, your actions can lead to unintended consequences. Then Gideon offers a strategy in which you deceive Seluvis into believing that you handed the potion to Nepheli while she ruins it.

Should you offer Nepheli in Elden Ring the potion?

If you choose to give Seluvis’s potion to Nepheli, you will gain the Spirit Ashes of Dolores but will lose the questline of Nepheli.

If you give Nepheli in the Ring of Elden the Seluvis potion, you will get the spirit ash of Dolores Sleeping Arrow puppet once she finds him at the hidden Seluvis lab, but you will no longer be able to continue with Nepheli’s Questline. But, there’s an alternative to this choice.

Nepheli Quest
Give Seluvis Potion To Nepheli

You can proceed to grant the gruesome Dung Eater seedbed curses at Subterranean Shun Lands, eventually giving him Seluvis potions and turning him into a Marionette Summoner bought later by Seluvis.

While that might unlock being able to buy spells from Seluvis, you can also just give the potions to the Dung Eater. It will alert you about lying to Seluvis, and you can still learn tips and tricks from the Dung Eater since he believes your lies.

In doing so, save Nepheli’s life, as well as unlock his Dung Eater Sprite Dusts later. Talk to Nepheli, and you will be given an option to quit without giving Nepheli Seluvis’s Potion.

Dolores Sleeping Arrow puppet
Finger Maiden Therolina Puppet

If you do give the potion to Nepheli’s father, and you tell Seluvis that you did what he asked, you can still purchase Elden Ring Sorcery from Seluvis. 

After giving Seluvis the potion over to either Nepheli Lux or Gideon Ofnir, players may go back to Seluvis and make Seluvis begin selling potions.

If players choose to give the potion to Nepheli Loux, Seluvis’s preceptor’s trait is confirmed as soon as Nepheli’s spirit ashes are available for purchase from him. It is here that players may force Dung Eater to drink a potion, prematurely ending their quest as Nepheli Loux did.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Who should I give the potion to Elden Ring?

Then you can keep inflicting Seedbed Curses on him in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, and later on you can give him the potion to make him into a puppet summon that you can buy from Seluvis. Giving Gideon the Elden Ring Seluvis potion, however, is the best course of action.

What does Seluvis potion do to Nepheli?

You are to make Nepheli swallow a potion at Seluvis’ request. The effects of Seluvis’ potion aren’t entirely obvious, but they include the victim’s death, transformation into a puppet for Seluvis, and subsequently, your own Spirit Ash summon.

Should I give Ofnir the potion?

If they wish to become more powerful, players should deliver the potion from Seluvis to Nepheli Loux. They should give it to Gideon Ofnir if they want to uphold their moral standards. In the end, giving her the potion grants the player access to a variety of unique spirit summoning ashes that aren’t otherwise available.

What happens if you give Ranni the potion?

You will be prevented from using this option if you give Ranni the Fingers layer Blade, curse him with Dung Eater Seedbeds, or kill him too soon. Additionally, you can kill him after the potion knocks him unconscious and it will still qualify for the plot if you want the summon and Dung Eater’s Omen armour set.

What happens if I give Dung eater the potion?

Although it is not advised, drinking the potion turns Dung Eater into a puppet and enables you to subsequently summon Dung Eater from Seluvis. This is due to the fact that it prevents you from completing the remaining Dung Eater’s quest and one of the game’s endings.

Should I give Nepheli the Stormhawk King?

Once you’ve located this crucial object, go back to the Roundtable Hold and present it to Nepheli. She will be brought back to the glory days of her warrior days by this object. She will feel better as a result, and you can finish this quest line.

What did Nepheli do?

Nepheli Loux, a warrior and fellow tarnished, was given the mandate to kill and overthrow Godrick by her adopted father. In the event that you summon her, she will aid you in the fight against Godrick the Grafted and will dress similarly to the starting Hero class.

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