All Weapon Symbols in Darktide? Explained

The First-person shooter video game Darktide was created and released by Fatshark. Several weapons are featured in the game, each with a special symbol corresponding to its type and features.

Sometimes the weapon symbol terminology becomes so disturbing to gamers as some of them see it as a big challenge. Today, we are going to figure out what all of the weapon symbols and stats mean.

Melee Weapons Symbols

Melee weapons are represented by a sword icon. These weapons are designed for close combat and deal heavy damage to enemies at close range.

A weapon’s light attack is represented by the first symbol, its heavy attack by the second (which is activated when you press and hold the attack button), and its special action by the third, which is assigned to mouse-five.

strikedown weapon symbol darktide

Strike down: A vertical slash used to stagger.

Relentless Weapon Symbol darktide


A horizontal slash capable of dealing with numerous targets and having a good level of cleave.

vanguard weapon symbol darktide


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A diagonal slash with utility in between Strike down and Relentless.

assassin weapon symbol darktide


A slash that deals more damage to Weak Spots.

parry weapon symbol darktide


Holding down this special allows you to parry attacks from melee opponents and immediately riposte in response.

punch weapon symbol darktide


This pretty common symbol in darktide. So you have already figured out about it.

activate or defensive symbol darktide

Activate/Defensive Stance

This symbol mainly indicates the active or defensive stance. For example, placing the ogryn’s slab shield on the ground.

Special Melee Attack Symbol Dartkide

Special Melee Attack: It’s a single attack that delivers a high amount of damage to the target. But it’s not part of the combo.

Ranged Weapon Symbols

Ranged weapons are represented by a crossbow icon. These weapons allow you to attack enemies from a distance and are effective for taking out targets that are hard to reach. Each ranged weapon’s three symbols stand for its primary attack, secondary attack, and special action.

By default, these are assigned to the left-click, right-click, and mouse-five buttons (likely a thumb button). You can detect the firing mode of a gun by looking at the bullets underneath its symbols:

  • Semi-automatic.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Burst-free.
Hip fire symbol darktide

Hip fire: Firing without first targeting. If, however, this spot is marked with a lightning bolt, the weapon is charged, and pressing the attack button increases the shot’s damage.

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amin down sights symbol darktide

Aim Down Sights: Will make zoom when aimed. Certain firearms, such as auto pistols, do not perform the right-click aim-down-sights zoom.

braced darktide symbol

Braced: Certain firearms, such as shredder auto pistols, do not perform the right-click aim-down-sights zoom. They switch to a tilted, two-hand hold in its place, which doesn’t zoom but does appear to somewhat boost stability.

torch weapon symbol darktide

Torch: Flashlight is not something you combine with pitchforks to generate a mob.

sepcial ammo weapon symbol darktide

Special Ammunition: Consists of interchangeable ammunition types.

vent heat weapon symbol darktide

Vent Heat: You’re accustomed to having to control the heat if you played Sienna in Vermintide.

strike attack weapon symbol dartkide

Strike/Bayonet Attack: In Darktide, transitioning to a melee weapon happens almost instantly, however returning to a ranged weapon takes time.

bash weapon symbol darktide

Bash: A weak attack that stuns like Strike but deals less damage. The icon for special weaponry is a skull. These weapons can be utilized to control crowds or eliminate strong opponents thanks to their special qualities.

A fist icon is used to signify heavy weapons. These weapons are great for eliminating difficult foes or large groups of enemies at once because they deliver massive damage yet take a long time to use.

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A bomb icon is used to represent explosive weapons. These weapons are effective for eliminating large groups of adversaries or destroying buildings since they do heavy damage over a large area.

It’s important to keep in mind that these icons aren’t all the same and can differ between games or even inside Darktide itself. Even though, the main concept is that the symbols offer a quick and simple way to recognize the type and function of a weapon.

This is end of this short guide for more similar content do check our Darktide guides.