Where Do You See Your Level in Destiny 2?

Welcome to our new article on Destiny 2! So, as we know in this game, leveling up is very crucial as it shows how much progress you’ve made and how strong you are.

Where do you see your level in Destiny 2?

In short, we’ll talk about how you can level up and the challenges you may face, and the rewards you’ll get. Whether you’re new or already playing, join us to learn more about levelling in Destiny 2 to grow further in the game.

So, without further ado let’s start!

What is the level in Destiny 2?

Before coming to our main question let us know What is level means in Destiny 2.

So, basically Level is an important factor, which helps to determine how a Guardian progresses and becomes stronger in the game. By gaining experience, a Guardian can reach up to the level of 40.

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Once they reach level 40, they can further increase their power by increasing their Light.

How To Check Power Level in Destiny 2?

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Now, let’s, start with the basic question Where do you see your level in Destiny 2? Let’s answer this!

So, basically, to check your current level and the impact of the artifact, you need to go to the main gear screen it’s that simple.

But still, you have doubts about where your Power level is coming from, you just simply hover your cursor over it to see a breakdown.

Then you can also see how many experience points (XP) you need to increase your artifact bonus again.

So our first question is answered now but other than that let’s proceed with further more questions, which will clear your mind about basic things of levelling up in the game.

What is Power Level?

The players from the past can remember “Light” as the old term for “Power level” in Destiny 2.

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In the start of the game, your level prevents you from going to the new planets until you’re fully ready for it. However, it is also a measure of your progress in the later stages of the game.

It determines which tough challenges like Nightfall, raids, or specific mission you are ready for. Indirectly you can say it helps to measure your abilities and experience at the same time to provide you with better quests according to your status.

But still, it’s really tough to determine your own Power level and it mainly depends on the gears you own in the game.

Each weapon and armor you have has a Power rating. So, basically, the average of all those ratings combined determines your total Power level.

However, it’s not a straightforward average because different types of gear are present and have different weights.

Like we can say, a Kinetic Weapon carries more weight than a Class Item. In simple words, a higher number is better for your Power level.

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This is all for how to check your power level in Destiny 2 for more relevant guides do check our Destiny 2 guides section.

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