Elden Ring: What To Do If You Can’t Leave Ranni’s Tower?

Elden ring has six large open areas in which you have to survive many NPCs’ enemies. In this, the players might be stuck in various locations in the game. The game is not as easy as you think, like exploring the world and defeating the enemies.

The most important part is communication with the NPCs, if the players don’t do that they will be stuck in that location and not able to travel anymore. To move from a place like that they have to communicate with many NPCs on their journey.

Nonetheless, if the players accidentally kill some NPCs or by aggression they will not be able to move forward. Without questline, there is no way to move forward on the map in the Elden ring gaming world.

So players have to revive them with the celestial dew. With celestial dew, players have to visit the church and ask for sins and further questlines to travel on a map.

In the Elden Ring, many players were stuck in ranni’s rise in the Elden Ring. Go through the articles to find out how to leave ranni’s rise.

Ranni’s Rise: Overview

Ranni’s rise is one of the most dangerous locations of the Elden ring. Players can easily enter into the ranni’s rise, it is located in Liurnia of the Lakes’ Three Sisters sub-region. The Ranni’s towers are easily accessible while you visit the liurnia.

Ranni is the character in the game who gave the ashes of the lone wolf at the beginning of the game. Ranni will be found in her tower inside the room.

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So when you enter the tower it’s easy to access but while leaving a wall will appear there, so you won’t move from that tower, there is no escape space where you can try to escape.

To escape the room you have to talk to ranni’s and other NPCs to explore more in liurnia map.

What to do if I can’t leave the ranni’s tower?

When you enter ranni’s tower the ranni will introduce you to her Allies. But when you try to leave the ranni’s rise tower you can’t leave ranni’s rise a wall will appear in front of you.

To move forward you will have to talk to ranni’s and a few members of her Allies. After the questlines, you are free to move in the game. The ranni’s towers are one of the important locations of the Elden Ring.

It is important cause the further plot of the story depends on this scene. So you have the first to talk to ranni’s then Blaidd, Iji, and Seluvis. You won’t able to explore more world without talking to ranni’s Allies. All of them will be in the same tower but you have to know their room.

After that, you can talk to everyone and be free to move. These characters are also part of the further storyline of Elden Ring and also they can help you to become Elden lord. But to talk to the blaidd you have to visit Siofra River Well in the Mistwood.

cant leave rannis tower

Where to find the ranni and her Allies in the ranni’s tower Elden Ring?

Expect the blaidd all her Allies will be in the tower, here the location of their room where you can meet them and discuss about the quest and begin your journey forward.

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Ranni will be found inside the tower’s main room and you can talk to her to get to lji and seluvis.

Everyone’s story will be different than others so have to speak to everyone several times to move forward.

After talking to ranni you have to talk to the lji. Lji is playing the character of the war counsellor.

To meet lji, when you will the ranni’s room there will be a round staircase now take the stairs and move down. At the end of stairs, you will lead to a room and there will be an elevator now use the elevator and move to descend.

At the end of the elevator when you come forward there will be a room, the room is lji’s room. Go to room and questline with lji now that this is completed.

When you exit the room of lji move to the south direction where you will find the seluvis room.

Seluvis’s room will be filled with blue crystals so it is easy to find the room. Seluvis is playing the character of the Preceptor. Now talk to seluvis and listen to all the dialogues. When you complete all the talking in ranni’s tower the wall will disappear and you can move forward in the game.

Tips to remember while playing the Elden ring:

Elden ring is an action role-playing game but you don’t have to fight with everyone or kill everyone. Some of the characters are important in the game and you don’t have to kill them. The character in the game is a vital part of the Elden ring plot.

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Furthermore, you can talk to them to move forward and they will direct you to where to lead also some of the characters will help you to become Elden rings.

In ranni’s tower, there is no need to kill any NPCs. Visit everyone’s room and listen to their dialogues of them and you can easily move forward in the map.


So if you think ranni’s tower has a glitch that’s why you are not able to leave the tower. You are wrong. You have to talk to ranni’s and her Allies in that tower to move forward.

If you can’t do that then the further map will also not unlock. So have to first complete the ranni’s tower map and the wall will disappear and the further map will be explorable.

So it’s not a glitch it is part of the game without that the further plot of the story will not exist. To become the Elden lord have to talk to every NPC in Elden ring.

This is sum for this guide for more similar guides do check our Elden Ring section.

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