Where to find Robins Lost Axe in Stardew Valley

There is multiple quests in Stardew Valley that you need to complete to level up in the game. Most of the quests require a few tasks and some quest is simply like finding the Robins Lost axe.

You will find the letter from Robin on the 11th day of the spring. The letter has the message “I Lost My Favourite Axe! If you find it please return it ASAP. I am having a tough time without it. There’s 250g in it whoever finds the thing.”

In this quest you need to find the Robins Lost Axe, Here we featured a guide that covers where to find the Robins Lost Axe in Stardew Valley without having a hassle.

Robins lost axe
where is robins axe

Where to find Robin Lost Axe in Stardew Valley

Once you received the letter from Robin and you accepted the quest. You need to travel south from your farm until you reach Marnie’s Ranch. Go in a downward direction until you reach her shop.

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Robin Lost Axe find
Robins lost axe

After that travel in the south direction until you see two small bridges connecting the smaller area with tree as shown in the image.

Robin Lost Axe location
Robins lost axe

Cross the bridge and keep moving in the south direction until you see the cliff under that cliff you’ll find the Robin lost axe.

Simply select the axe to pick and make sure you have one empty spot in your inventory to pick the axe. Once you found the lost axe of Robin you need to return it to Robin.

Return The Robin Lost Axe

To claim the reward of 250g you need to return the axe to Robin. You can find Robin between (9:00 AM and 5:00 PM) in her shop located at the town square.

find Robin stardew valley
Robins lost axe

She will take off on Tuesday. So make sure to avoid Tuesday else you can catch her in her shop at the above-mentioned time.

Once you find the Robin select the Axe in your backpack means you will carry the axe in your hands and move toward the Robin. She will start interacting with you and she will thank you for finding her axe.

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stardew valley robin lost axe reward
Robins lost axe

After that claim, your reward from your Journal simply right-click on the Robin Lost Axe from the list and collect your reward.

This is the end of this guide for more similar content such as what to pick Forester or Gatherer or more do check our Stardew Valley Guide.

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