Can Lechonk be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

The Hog Pokemon, Lechonk, will be making its debut during the Paldean Adventure event starting on September 5, 2023. A Normal-type Pokemon, it evolves into Oinkologne when fed 100 Candy and has two different appearances that are based on its gender. Partly cloudy weather boosts the creature’s spawn rate.

Yes, Shiny Lechonk is available in Pokemon Go. Trainers often go hunting for the variant due to its distinctive pink body compared to the usual greyish-black skin. It has a 1 in 500 or 0.2% chance of being shiny but those odds can be decreased the more Lechonk players catch with the help of different methods.

Lechonk Shiny
Can Lechonk be Shiny in Pokemon Go

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How to catch Lechonk in Pokemon Go?

There are three ways in which Lechonk can be obtained in Pokemon Go. Trainers must note that the Hog Pokemon along with its evolutionary form are required to complete the event-themed collection challenge based on the Paldea region.

  • Wild encounter: Use Incense to attract more Pokemon, including the chonky ‘mon.
  • Eggs: Lechonk can hatch from 7 KM Eggs. Shiny included.
  • Field Research: Complete the ‘Catch 3 Pokemon’ event-themed Field Research task for a Lechonk encounter. Shiny included.
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Since Unown will be taking over 1-Star Raids, Lechonk won’t be available as a Raid Boss.

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Lechonk stats in Pokemon Go

A 15/15/15 IV Lechonk has a max CP of 828 with an Attack stat of 81, Defense of 79, and HP of 143. Its evolutionary form, Oikologne, has a max CP of 2949, with the following stats in Pokemon Go: 186 ATK, 153 DEF, and 242 HP. It is only vulnerable to Fighting-type moves and is resistant to Ghost-type attacks.

Oinkolgne has Tackle and Takedown in its Fast Move pool and can learn Body Slam, Trailblaze, and Dig as Charged Moves. Due to the low EPS of its fast moves, the Hog isn’t a preffered Pokemon in Go Leagues. It is a good Gym battler and defender, though.

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