Master Ball to Return in Pokemon Go?

Master Ball in Pokemon Go was last seen in May 2023 as part of Season 10: The Rising Heroes. The ongoing Hidden Gems Season introduced numerous powerful Pokemon like Raquaza, Diancie, and Water-Shuriken Greninja but there was no update on the return of Master Ball. That is bound to change as per reports.

Master Balls in Pokemon Go are devices of the highest quality. First introduced in the Pokemon Red and Blue series, it immediately gained popularity due to its special trait – a guaranteed capture due to its 100% catch rate. Trainers that possess a Master Ball can catch any Pokemon in the wild, specifically the highly elusive Galarian trio of birds.

There have been other uses of the Master Ball too. None was more famous than a YouTuber capturing Bidoof with the ultra-rare device. He took Bidoof as the “God of all Pokemon” meme literally.

Here is why Master Ball is seemingly returning in Pokemon Go.

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Datamine hints at Master Ball Research for Pokemon Go Season 12

The latest data search by PokeMiners revealed that the next season of Pokemon Go will be called Adventures Abound. Along with the introduction of Generation 9 Pokemon, trainers will have a chance to get a Master Ball.

According to a datamine, a Timed Research is being planned for Season 12 which will award the precious Master Ball. Previously, it was a special reward for Step 5 of Let’s Go! Special Research Quest. Trainers had to defeat Go Rocket Leaders, capture Pokemon, and participate in Raids to get the item.

The re-introduction of Master Ball in Pokemon Go will be huge, especially considering the backlash Niantic has received for the catch rates of Galarian birds. Those that were interested in capturing Bidoof didn’t complain much though.

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