Who Is Gerard Piqué’s New Girlfriend Clara Chía Martí?

Shakira’s Fiery Diss Track Targets Gerard Piqué’s New Flame

Colombian singer Shakira is making waves with her scathing new collaboration with Bizarrap, titled BZRP Music Sessions #53. The lyrics take aim at her ex-husband, Spanish football player Gerard Piqué, and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Martí, referencing a “Ferrari” being traded for a “Twingo” and a “Rolex” swapped for a “Casio.”

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Unraveling the Mystery of Gerard Piqué’s New Flame: Clara Chia Martí

Clara Chia Martí, the woman who has become the subject of Shakira’s fiery diss track, has managed to keep her life private despite being thrust into the public eye. At just 23 years old, she hails from Spain and reportedly studies PR at a reputable private university. Her connection to Piqué lies in her work at Kosmos, his sports and entertainment production company, where she assists with event organizing.

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gerard pique new girlfriend
Gerard Piqué's New Girlfriend

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From Rumored Wealth to Hard Work: Unveiling Clara Chia Martí’s Background

Clara’s background has sparked curiosity, with some sources suggesting her father is a civil lawyer, hinting at wealth. However, contrasting reports claim she took on various odd jobs from a young age to support herself financially and put herself through college.

A Swift New Romance: Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Martí

After an amicable joint statement announcing their split in June 2022, Shakira and Gerard Piqué agreed not to appear publicly with their new partners for a year.

However, just three months later, Piqué was seen at the Summerfest Cerdanya festival with Clara, marking the beginning of their romance. The couple made their official public debut in August, attending a friend’s wedding in Catalonia, Spain.

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Secrets and Seriousness: Clara Chia Martí and Gerard Piqué’s Hidden Relationship

Despite public attention, Clara and Piqué have tried to keep their relationship under wraps, even making her social media accounts private to avoid unwanted scrutiny. The level of secrecy hints at the seriousness of their connection and the couple’s desire to protect their budding romance from the spotlight.

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