World of Warcraft: All Target Dummy locations in Valdrakken

Are you having a complex time trying to find the Target Dummies in World of Warcraft? Don’t worry I have created a guide for you with all the locations of the Target Dummies in World of Warcraft.

Valdrakken is filled with several valuable objects and items. ValDrakken is a central hub in Dragonlight’s Dragon Isles. This makes it an excellent place to rest and refill before you go on a raid or quest. 

Target dummies are non-combat NPCs that are used to test your damage output, healing output, and tanking ability. They are typically found in city capitals.

Coordinates of the Target Dummies in Valdrakken in World of Warcraft

Before we get to the exact location, we need the exact coordinates for the following:

  • Gladiator Refuge: X:41, Y:44
  • Obsidia Enclave X:42, Y:46
  • The seat of the Aspect X:43, Y:47
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Valdrakken Target Dummy Locations in World of Warcraft

Here are all the locations where you can find the Valdrakken Target Dummy in World of Warcraft.

valdrakken training dummy location
Image via Blizzard Entertainment 

Gladiator’s Refuge

This building is on the western part of Valdraken. To get inside, you need the coordinates. You will see two Scalesword Guardians at the entrance. You will step into an arena-like room.

There are a total of 15 target dummies here. It is divided into two categories:

  1. Solo Target Dummies: these types are located on the left side of the arena, and these dummies are used for testing. They test your DPS, single-target, healing, and tanking.
  2. Group Target Dummies: these types of dummies are located on the right side of the arena. These are used for testing your DPS, single-target and multi-target damage, and healing multiple targets simultaneously.

Obsidian Enclave

There is a single target dummy located in the Obsidian Enclave. These are used for testing your DPS against a high-health target.

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Seats of the Aspects 

A single Target Dummy is located in the seats of the Aspects, which is used for testing your DOS against a target immune to crowd control effects.

That is all for the locations of the Target dummies in Valdrakken in World of Warcraft. This guide helps you find these target dummies.

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