How To Breed Cat in Minecraft?

You also probably adore cats if we’re talking about the cats in Minecraft. They are distinctive and amiable, and often give the players gifts. Additionally, you can protect yourself from ghosts and creepers by using a cat army.

But you can only do that in Minecraft if you understand how to breed cats. You must set up a breeding place, gather food, and of course, locate cats to breed. These actions together can seem a little overwhelming.

But fortunately for you, in this article, we’ve covered all there is to know about breeding cats in Minecraft. In order to breed cats in Minecraft, there are a number of actions that must be taken, all of which are outlined in this article.

How to Find and Tame Cats?

You can’t just trap cats and count on them to stay there, unlike breeding villagers or the majority of other mobs in the game.

They can currently move quickly and squeeze through extremely small openings. They are also far too helpful to not be domesticated and maintained. To make them into your pets, you must first feed them raw cod or salmon.

In a survival world, you can’t breed a stray cat without first taming it because the taming and breeding processes are comparable.

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But first, you need to look for cats in towns and swamp homes. Once you master the art of Taming, you will be able to raise cats in Minecraft and get really freaky. Taming cats in Minecraft works the same way as taming ocelots, as you must feed those fish until they get friendly.

If cats in Minecraft take up the sitting position on their own, they will get up and come towards you if you have some fish raw in hand.

Take any type of raw fish in your hands, and approach a cat slowly. Once you feed a cat enough raw fish, you will see heart particles floating around, meaning that you successfully tamed a cat.

Feed the cat, and you will see grey smoke appearing, meaning that the taming process has begun. With the cat right in front of you, and the fish equipped, use the fish. 

minecraft cat
what do cats eat in minecraft

What are the requirements for Breeding Cats in Minecraft?

To make a cat breed, you must have two domesticated cats, you must feed both of them uncooked cod or salmon and you should have a breeding area which is optional and not compulsory for the breeding. Cats are Tamed using uncooked cod or salmon, but players must crouche down and move quietly if they wish to feed them.

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You need to feed raw salmon or raw cod first to make them into your pets. Stray cats often sprint at players as they get closer, making it somewhat challenging to tame them. Due to similarities in taming and breeding processes, it is impossible to breed a stray cat in Survival World without having to tame them.

How to Make a Breeding Area?

The cats don’t require a totally enclosed breeding place because they are tamed. The cat will follow you and even teleport next to you unless it is sitting. Additionally, kittens born in breeding zones are also immediately domesticated.

You can therefore make a sitting space for your cats instead of a breeding area. A 4 by 4 sitting area ought to suffice if you are just starting out. It can always be expanded if necessary. For lightning protection, some players further put a roof to the building, but that is entirely optional.

How to Breed Cats in Minecraft?

Feeding fish, whether raw salmon or cod, to the two cats that you tamed, will cause them to reproduce. If you have two Tamed Cats around, you can make them breed by feeding both of them both simultaneously, this will cause hearts to pop out and cause the Tamed Cat to give birth.

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Two tame cats that are breeding are going to need to stay near each other while breeding, so we built a fence so that our two tame cats do not escape.

Next, using your choice of salmon in a hot dish, you will want to give the salmon one raw piece to each cat, one at a time. As mentioned above, you will need to feed the cats either raw salmon or raw cod in order to reproduce and domesticate them.

Baby cats spawned in the breeding areas are also automatically tamed. Also, kittens that spawn in breeding areas are also automatically tamed.

A kitten will be automatically tamed and belongs to one of the parents’ cat’s owners. After a while, the red hearts will fade away, and the adorable little baby (kitten) cat will stand beside two tamed cats for breeding. 

Make sure to force the cat to stand using an empty hand because breeding doesn’t function if it is sitting. The mutation is shared by the newborn cat and one of its parents, but the likelihood of each variant is the same. Before a cat can procreate again, it must wait at least five minutes.

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