Zelda TOTK Red Pillars Solution

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the three red pillars Link must find are part of the “Riju of Gerudo Town” main quest.

He’ll have to cross the desert, locate each pillar, and do so with only limited help from his map. Luckily, this guide will explain exactly where Link must go to find each of TotK’s red pillars.

How to Find the First Red Pillar

As Link progresses through Riju’s primary quest, he will learn numerous vital truths. First, based on the painting he and Riju discuss, he’ll know that the three red pillars he has to discover will form a triangle.

Second, he’ll realize he has to start the search with his back to the throne chamber. Link must go to Riju’s throne room and stare out over the desert via the aperture behind the throne to discover the first red pillar.

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Link will be able to see the first pillar peeking out above the top of the sandstorm from this location. He’ll be able to paraglide right there if he climbs to the top of the cliff above Gerudo Town, near Soryotanog Shrine.

How to Find the Second Red Pillar

The link will locate a breakable slab of rock at the foot of the first red pillar. Using a rock hammer or other appropriate manner, destroy this part to reveal a bright beam of light. Link can proceed to the next pillar by following this beam.

To guarantee the Link is heading in the appropriate direction, use the precise location indicated in the above picture, as well as the coordinates provided on the mini-map.

It’s extremely vital to pay attention to the coordinates since the light does not stop at the pillar, making it simple for Link to pass through if he’s not attentive.

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How to Find the Third Red Pillar

When Link reaches the second tower, he must search for another structure immediately west of it at -4600, -3276, 0046. This construction will contain a wheel that Link may turn in order to lift the second red pillar, allowing the mirror at the top to meet with the light.

When this occurs, the beam will turn to face the third pillar. Follow the light to the precise locations mentioned above, and be prepared for the light to miss the tower’s mirror once more.

Link will be able to go to the next stage of Riju’s quest and, finally, the Lightning Temple itself once this is completed. That’s how to find the red pillars in Zelda Totk as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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