Ark Deinonychus: Taming, Food, Abilities, Locations

The Deinonychus Magna Pede, a predatory animal with an aggressive temperament, was first discovered in the Cretaceous epoch. The Deinonychus is one of few reptile creatures with feathers and scaly skin. They also have sharp claws, which they use to grab their victims while they tear apart their flesh with their sharp teeth.

They are aggressive in the wild and can attack any creature that gets too close to their nests. The Deinonychus is a predator that will attack humans when they approach them. Once they are tamed, they may be trained to work in packs. This allows them to take down multiple smaller creatures or even fight larger ones together.

Ark Deinonychus: Overview

Ark Deinonychus is a dinosaur simulator game developed and published by Wildcard. The game is set in an open-world environment, which can be explored on foot or by riding a mount. Players can also tame and ride dinosaurs and use weapons to defend against hostile humans, other players, and creatures.

The game’s world includes the Island of Sorna, Isla Nublar, and the Island of Isla Tacaño. There are three main types of terrain: beaches, jungles, and mountains.

The game is a survival game to create a new civilization. Players have to start from scratch and learn how to hunt, gather, and build shelters. Ark Deinonychus is an open-world survival game that Studio Wildcard has developed.

The player has to survive in the wild while trying to create a new civilization. They have to hunt, gather, and build shelters to survive.

Ark Deinonychus

How to tame Deinonychus?

Wild Deinonychus can’t be tamed. However, a fertilized Deinonychus egg can be taken from a nest to hatch a tamed Deinonychus. Like the Wyvern Rock Drake and Magmasaurs, typical players would need to be cautious as these theropods are very aggressive to anyone trying to steal their eggs.

However, unlike the Wyvern and Magmasaur, Deinonychus aren’t initially aggressive to large-class predators like Rexes and Spinos. These tames can be walked up to nests, and if an egg is stolen, they may not get in conflict with them.

There are many places where Deinonychus nests may be found. However, the White Cliffs area, called The Paradise, is the best place to locate and farm eggs. It is located near The Lake. After an egg is purchased, it should be incubated at 176 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit (or 80 to 90 degrees Celsius).

This temperature can be achieved using a variety of fires, such as 14 Campfires, Air Conditioners or a Dimetrodon. The hatchlings can be fed the standard carnivore diet right out of the egg once they have been hatched.

This is in contrast to the Wyvern, Rock Drake and Magmasaur. Like the Wyverns, Magmasaurs and Wyverns, you can breed successive generations from tamed individuals. You may also acquire mutations that will increase your stature.

Deinonychus Egg Locations

The new expansion map ARK Valguero introduces a new kind of dino. It is described as a Raptor-like bird with wings and the ability to scale walls. You cannot control the Deinonychus. Instead, you have to steal its eggs and hatch them.

Below is a list of Deinonychus eggs I know. They are all tightly clustered on the East side by the Jungle Zone and Chalk Hills zone. The nests are usually located 2-3 per location.

You can see an example of these nests below. I have stolen many eggs without any difficulty. If there’s one nearby, it is best to flyer them and lead them off the cliff. They can be attacked, and this effect appears to be multiplied or tripled if they are part of a group.

They don’t seem to be particularly aggressive when you steal eggs, unlike Wyverns, who will follow you halfway across the map after you do so.


Ark: Deinonychus is an open-world survival game. It is a game that has been designed for players to explore the vast and beautiful world of Ark.

The food in Ark: Deinonychus is very important as it provides the player with the necessary nutrients and energy to survive. There are many types of food in the game, but they can be categorized into edible items and non-edible items.

The edible items include fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, bugs, eggs, and similar things. The non-edible items include plants used for crafting or building materials such as wood or stone.

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game where the player must survive in a world with dinosaurs. The player can tame and ride some of these dinosaurs, which can be used for combat, transportation, or harvesting resources.

Ark Deinonychus is a game that is set in the Jurassic period. In the game, players can hunt for food to survive. The game’s food mainly consists of meat, such as fish and amphibians.

Other kinds of food are not meat-based, like fruits and vegetables. Deinonychus needs to be fed meat as a baby and will naturally eat any meat when fully grown.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Ark Deinonychus with complete information.

What are Deinonychus good for?

Tribesmen exploit the Deinonychus’ inherent abilities as a superb hunter and protector to get an advantage over opponents or wild things they are hunting.

How do you tame Deinonychus?

The only way to tame a Deinonychus is to raise it from an egg. It’s exclusively available on the Valguero map.

Are Deinonychus aggressive ark?

In the wild, the Deinonychus is very territorial. They will defend their nests from anyone who dares to enter.

Can Deinonychus glide in Ark?

It’s quick and has some gliding ability. It can inflict bleed on medium to large monsters by attacking them.

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