All Vow Symbols in Destiny 2? Explained

The Vow of the Disciples raid is one hell of an adventure. Where you will find numbers of enemies and rewards.

Not only enemies and rewards when you start you will face many vow symbols. So when the raid starts you and your team have to encounter a few enemies first and after clearing them you have to go through the gate.

As you go there you will find a vehicle that you have to follow and you will end up at secret raid chest 1. The vehicle will start when you kill all the enemies there.

As you go further with the vehicle it will lead you to an acquisition encounter. When you enter the arena you will notice different symbols are mentioned over gates, and pillars some of them are centres of the arena and others are back and forth.

Go through the article to find out about all Vow symbols in Destiny 2.

What do Vow symbols mean in Destiny 2?

When you begin the raid first you have to encounter enemies in the beginning stage, Secret Raid chest 1, and in acquisition encounters.

So when you reach the Acquisition encounter arena you will find these weird symbols. There are a total of 27 vow symbols you will find in a raid. Every symbol has its meaning. You have to solve these puzzles/symbols that will be relevant to the progress of the game.

If you want to participate in the vow disciple raid, you should be aware of what all symbols mean. If you know the meaning of it then it will be easier to clear the mission.

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Many users refer to the symbols as what they can visualise like every symbol has a weird shape and in that shape, there is an image. So from that image users refer to the name like a pyramid, love, black garden, and all the other things.

How to finish the vow symbols raid?

When you enter the arena, there will be some enemies which you have defeated and also there will be a floating object you will notice.

The floating object plays an important role here. So when you find the room with a symbol, the door will be locked, and you won’t be able to get there. To open the door you or your team have to shoot at the floating object first.

As you shoot an object the door will be partially open for you. When you get to the arena there will be an Obelisk and a tower kind of thing in the centre. You have to protect that thing from enemies and have to save yourself too from enemies.

The important point we like to mention is when you raid vow disciples you have to get a minimum of three symbols.

Follow these steps to complete the raid

  • In the centre of the arena, there is one tower kind of thing with bright symbols.
  • Now you have to find that symbolic room in the arena.
  • Go around that room you will find a knight, Knight is a kind of protector there.
  • You have to kill that knight to open the door.
  • As you kill the knight and go back to that tower, you will find a second number of symbols shining.
  • The shining symbol refers to the symbol door is open for you.
  • You have to go to that particular room.
  • There will be some enemies that you have to defeat or avoid.
  • As you reach deep into the room you will find two symbols there. Don’t make any hurry and shoot on the symbols.
  • You will make things complicated for yourself if you shoot on the wrong one.
  • Go back to that tower and you will see the third symbol is shining.
  • Go back to the room you entered earlier and shoot at those symbols.
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If you can remember all symbols at once, you don’t have to do all that back and forth. You can simply shoot on symbols as you find them in the room.

You and your team have to do this three times. As you complete these steps, now go to that tower. On the sides of the Obelisk, you have to find the three symbols you shot before.

As the three symbols appear to you, shoot immediately. As you shoot there you will see the message on screen like “An Obelisk accept your offering”

If you shoot the wrong one out of them on-screen messages appear like
“An obelisk rejected your offering”

Now there are other things you have to know, you will only get three chances, and after three wrong symbols, your team will be kicked out.

In the arena there is a tower, which has lighting symbols, suppose it is a pyramid, and love and drink symbols are listed there. Now you have to go to a pyramid side room and you will find a knight there. As you kill the knight the love room door will be open for your team and have to shoot at the drink symbol.

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All Vow Symbols In Destiny 2

vow symbols
image credit to rdesignco from deviantart

Here we listed symbols for you to make it easy, as you can use these symbols in chat to make work easy for your friend. As you enter the arena, in the centre towers, the first bright symbol will be the location of a knight.

The second is the location of the room, and the third is which one to choose. In the room, symbols are not hard to find when you enter, avoid the enemies and keep an eye out for a shining star. Follow this three times and the level is complete.


Here is all you need to know about the symbols, we discussed from the beginning of the game to the acquisition arena level. Next, things are kind of the same with some extra trouble.

You have to find the three symbols and then the work is a piece of the pie. To make the work easy, just remember the symbols or list down the symbols and most of your work is done in the raid.

This is sum up for this short guide for more similar content such as wayfinders compass location and more do check our Destiny 2 guide section.